PSX Extreme: Lost Planet 2 Preview

PSX Extreme writes: "The original Lost Planet wasn't quite the game I had expected it to be. After eagerly waiting for the PlayStation 3 port, I came to realize that it's hype was mostly that of its initially exclusive status to the Xbox 360. The controls were dull, and the action was tedious and slow. Needless to say, I panned the game in my review. But, Lost Planet was successful enough that it warranted a sequel, and while so far Capcom has only announced it for the Xbox 360, we're still bringing you this preview because in this day and age, virtually no third-party game is a true exclusive, anymore. Good chances are, Lost Planet 2 will arrive for the PS3 soon after the Xbox 360 version hits."

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Forrest Gump3339d ago

I don't think its been announced for the Ps3 yet.

Cyrus3653339d ago

It hasn't, he's just assuming like Lost Planet 1, that Capcom at some point likely 6 months later or longer will port it over.

IdleLeeSiuLung3339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )

I'm looking forward to this game. I own all three versions out for the console of LP1. Don't have the PC version....

ShabzS3339d ago

yah but realeasing the first one on the other platform is a clear indication that they wanna continue the franchise over there too ... i just dont understand what capcom is waiting for ..

really duh3339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )

Well its in the PS3 section because this is a PS3 site hoping the game lands on the PS3. Personally I think its kind of stupid of the devs for making a big deal of a PS3 announcement at E3 if you were to take these rumors seriously. I think critics seen this video and was so shocked they started the rumors again. Some of the motive for this is the basic dislike for the 360 thinking Lost Planet 2 will one up PS3 and some of it is envy.

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n4gn4gn4gn4g3339d ago

for the console it is being Previewed for?

/goes off to preview the next Zelda appearing on PSP

Cyrus3653339d ago

atleast be realistic, zelda is a nintendo owned IP, this is a 3rd party ip, how many 3rd party IP haven't ended up being multi, especially after being announced for 2 of the 3

rockleex3339d ago

Several months later, or was it a year?

It would be no surprise if the same happened to LP2.

StanLee3339d ago

While the preview is premature as the game hasn't been announced for the PS3, I have all the confidence in the world the game IS coming to the PS3.

Man_of_the_year3339d ago

I agree. Although LP2 has not been announced for the PS3...i think it is pretty fair to say that it will be. I don't see why it wouldn't just be a timed exclusive OR maybe Sony has something planned at E3 regarding this game....hmmmm that would be interesting.

Socomer 19793339d ago

its okay. the explosions are the best part of the game though. Its has a good difficulty but the story was pure trash. They did mech right at least. yet after playing and beating lost planet one I have zero interest in its sequel. I dont care enough about it at all.
weird & im not just saying that because its on 360 first either because i played it before my 360 rroded. Im one of those fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me charachters. I dont forgive or forget. its the reason why I'm scarred from the days of NES and I cried when my cartridge wasnt working and took out my frustrations on kids at school by bullying them, so there.

Hee Hee !

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