ShogunGamer Dj Battle Round 1: Dj Hero (VS) SCRATCH: The Ultimate Dj. Thoughts from a real scratch Dj.

Corey Rollins writes: As some of you may or may not know I am a Scratch Dj and a bit of a beat junkie. So naturally when not one, but two Dj themed rhythm games were announced for this year, I wanted to know more.

Details about the games have starting to surface as we creep up on E3 2009, so I wanted to do a series here on ShogunGamer that stacked these two titles up against each other in a classic Dj battle format. Most people are pretty familiar with how drums, guitars and mics work but have no idea how Djing works. So I'll be judging everything about these games from a Dj and Gamer prospective.

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