Kojima's Three Projects Revealed

SKOAR! writes "The surreptitious amount of hype flowing onto Kojima's next game is mind boggling, and the rumor mill is churning overtime regarding the multiplicity and overlapping nature of his projects. This piece of information however was revealed in January 2008."

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TruthandFreedom3283d ago

How do you have a surreptitious amount?

ThatCanadianGuy3283d ago

Move along..nothing to see here..

dachiefsman3283d ago

exactly and that webpage sucks!

locos853283d ago

So............. what exactly did they reveal????

iHEARTboobs3283d ago

Anyone know where I can find a good HD version of this Article's pic? I have this one
but i'd like one of whoever this ends up being.

Razasharpz3283d ago

With all of this inaccurate information floating around N4G; it's hard to take any of this in. Just wait for the damn expo

100003283d ago

Guys look at the engravings on the armor of the character of Lords of Shadow and look at the engravings of the mask, they are similar...I wish I had High def shots to showcase it but unfortunately I dont...

No FanS Land3283d ago

this is becoming crazier each passing day. Hope everything is revealed and we don't have to wait until the TGS!

sinncross3283d ago

I could live with three games from Kojima Productions :)

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The story is too old to be commented.