7m Brits download illegally

Around seven million people in the UK are involved in illegal downloads, costing the economy tens of billions of pounds, government advisers say.

Researchers found 1.3m people using one file-sharing network on one weekday and estimated that over a year they had free access to material worth £12bn.

The Strategic Advisory Board for Intellectual Property (SABIP) warned it may be hard to change attitudes.

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Honolulu3340d ago

Just beacuse someone pirates something does'nt mean he/she would pay real money for the product if there was no way to pirate it anyway though.

anyway, 7 million, yikes,

SpoonyRedMage3340d ago

I think it may actually be higher than that. Where do they get the numbers from anyway?

It's also something that a lot of people who pirate can't afford what they're pirating, especially if they're downloading a lot of films.

It's still wrong though.