EA Announces Battlefield 1943 Community Challenge That Unlocks Additional Bonus Map "Coral Sea"

DICE, an Electronic Arts Inc. studio (NASDAQ:ERTS), today announced that Battlefield 1943 will kick off a worldwide community challenge that, when achieved, will reward players by unlocking a fourth map called Coral Sea. The WWII Coral Sea map will be unlocked when the multiplayer community achieves 43M kills on Xbox Live and the same number on PlayStation®Network. When it ships this summer, Battlefield 1943 will include three maps (Iwo Jima, Guadalcanal, and Wake Island) plus this fourth bonus map, all for $15.

Coral Sea is designed to showcase the intense battle in the skies, offering an all-new Air superiority game mode. The legendary WWII action this map provides will have players dog fighting in this airplanes-only map, proving once again DICE delivers on a first class online vehicle warfare experience better than anyone else! Players will be able to track the progress of their respective console communities at

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mrv3213406d ago

I have 50,000 kills on COD 4 alone so I alone would be 1/860th the way their if COD 4=1943, which I found awsome.

I love flying planes maybe for once we'll get a good online shooter.

NateDPG3406d ago

Can't wait for this game :)

Ron Zook3406d ago

43m is 43000 is it not? if this is the case it will be unlocked in about a day

Rich16313406d ago

I am pretty sure they mean 43 million as in 43,000,000 kills.

Vip3r3406d ago

Wasn't coral sea a map in 1942?