Gaming linked with carbon monoxide poisoning following Hurricane Ike

A study published in the journal Pediatrics has found a surprising link between gaming and carbon monoxide poisoning, which emerged following the impact of Hurricane Ike in Texas.

After a hurricane knocks out electricity from an area, carbon-monoxide poisoning cases are expected among residents who use gasoline-fired generators. It was commonly believed that most victims generated electricity for lighting, air conditioners and refrigerators. Now it appears that a large number use the generators for gaming.

Following the storm, in September, the Memorial Hermann Hospital-Texas Medical Center treated children for carbon monoxide poisoning, a surprising number of which reported having played videogames before falling ill.

The findings are important as more parents now turn to games consoles to provide children with post-disaster releif.

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mrv3213366d ago

Let me get this straight.

After a hurricane people lost power and couldn't play games so they used a gas generator to play games.

Maybe they should call the title to 'stupid causes carbon monoxide poisoning.'

C'mon who here after being hit by a hurricane goes...

'want some gears?'

I still cannot believe the stupidity of some people. Why didn't they read the instructions? Why don't they use a PSP or DS? How can these people afford anything? How did the child survive long enough with these parents?

Also last I checked a gaming console doesn't produce CO, so the title should infact be 'Generators used to run electrical appliances in and inproper enviroments and IGNORING the unscructions causes CO poisoning' But how would the media be able to turn that into another gaming scapegoat blaming EVERYTHING from deaths and plague on games and not the actual cause such as the fact GUNS in AMERICA are legal.

Candlestickmaker3366d ago

Well, it appears they were playing games after the hurricane for post-disaster relief for the children.

You can blame stupidity and inability to read instructions, but following a disaster CO poisoning cases *are* expected, so it's inevitable.

And yes, the generators are the direct cause of the CO emission, but the study points out that console use was the major reason for using the generators, as opposed to what you'd normally assume, such as things like lighting, and air conditioning.

And yes, this is down to parents being misinformed, which is why the study recommends new safety warnings.

Cat3366d ago

Title is off the charts inflammatory, too bad. "Generators linked to carbon monoxide poisoning" just wasn't thrilling enough.

YeOldeGamer3365d ago

...needs to be punched in the the HULK. :o

Demonsdown3365d ago

Yes i think all the worlds governments should pass a law that says if news media put misleading headlines on their articles they get publicly bull whipped or something this garbage is getting steadily more stupid as the years go by.

squidyj3365d ago

Is that after the -100% you get for being on N4G?

Candlestickmaker3365d ago

Don't shoot the messenger!

The article in Pediatrics is called Dying to Play Videogames.

The article recommends safety warnings to make parents cautious about videogame use after a disaster.

Blaming the generators directly is the same fallback as blaming the knife after a gaming-related stabbing. Yes, we all know that it was the generator use that caused the CO poisoning, but if you read carefully, the point is that the generator use mainly stemmed from gaming, which is a different cause to what was originally thought (lighting, air conditioning, refrigeration).

To disregard that because you want to claim sensationalism is silly. If the main cause of generator use was refrigerators, and a headline read "Refrigerator use linked with CO poisoning following Hurricane Ike", would you really have batted in eyelid?

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