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The latest EDGE review scores include inFAMOUS, Punch-Out!!, The Sims 3, and Zeno Clash.

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knox3340d ago

i'll admit ive never been a fan of edge.

SL1M DADDY3340d ago

Never saw that coming.


InfectedDK3340d ago

Lol and I even thought EDGE was respected but this.. Nah.
Now I won't even care for their scores anymore :)

FUEL might be good as well but inFamous should atleast be an 8 (that would be acceptable) - and 9 or higher would not be overrated either..

Bye bye EDGE

Saigon3340d ago

Man this Magazine is getting worse witht he reviews...I bet if the game was multiplat it will be a different story...

I've played only the first 4-6 missions and I have to say I am amped to get back on the sticks to play this game...I want to know what they specificly had to say to why the game got a 7...

CrazzyMan3340d ago (Edited 3340d ago )

For example,

Eurogamer Scoring Policy

Eurogamer marks games out of ten. We believe this is specific enough to identify the differences in quality between the majority of games, and that with these guidelines in hand the benefits of the ten-point scale outweigh the potential for inconsistency across a range of writers. Here's what the marks represent:

10/10 - Phenomenal

9/10 - Excellent

8/10 - Very good

7/10 - Good

6/10 - Above average

5/10 - Average

4/10 - Below average

3/10 - Bad

2/10 - Atrocious

1/10 - Bloody atrocious

I won`t be suprised, if EDGE has pretty much same rating system, in other words, they use 1 to 10, instead of 6-10.
Although, most time i see that EG/EDGE are more critical to PS3 exclusives, still usually PS3 games score 7 or above, which means a GOOD game.

Anyway, more and more people having FUN with inFAMOUS, and that`s all what MATTERS. =)
And i think inFAMOUS deserves atleats 8 from EDGE, but it`s just their OPINION.)

beans3340d ago

Since when was 7 a bad score? Have any of you guys even played punch out? Some of you may be to young to remember but punch out was one of the biggest games ever made back in the day.

Doctor_Doom3340d ago (Edited 3340d ago )

Infamous is a MUST BUY :}

TheHater3340d ago

good back back in the day =/= good in the present. Gamers today are different from gamers in the past. Granted that a lot of gamers from the past are still gaming today but moved on from these games.

beans3340d ago

Fair enough, but answer my question. Have any of you played punch out to know if it's a better or worst game? If you have then that's your opinion, but if not really I don't see the purpose in disagreeing.

TheHater3340d ago (Edited 3340d ago )

I played the original Punch Out on the NES back in 1994. I really didn't enjoy it. I don't know why, maybe because I was six at the time when I played it and could not understand fun in that game. I know that was several years after the game was release on the NES and the SNES was already out.
I have not played the new Punch Out that why I didn't comment on whether or not the game is good or not. I was just stating that games that was good 15-20 years ago to one generation of gamers doesn't mean it is going to be good 15-20 years later to a new generation of gamers.

popup3340d ago

You can find them saying "Last!" at the bottom of every game on Metacritic.

beans3340d ago (Edited 3340d ago )

Yeah I really doubt you would of liked it at age 6 with so many cool fighters out at the time. I played the original back maybe 22 years ago if I'm correct, and will agree with you that gamers have changed as well as games. Personally I would never touch punch out on the wii over infamous, but I guess somebody at edge feels differently.

mastiffchild3340d ago

I've played both inFAMOUS and Punchout!! and, in fairness, would give both games a higher score than Edge has(9 for inFAMOUS and 8.5 for Punchout!!)-but that's them all over. They aren't biased and do give, supposedly 1 through 10 as scores(rarely happens that way mind)but like to hammer exclusives which have scored very well elsewhere(from PS or 360)for the hits it gets.

They like to dress it up with their "too cool for school" style as them being individual and trustworthy but in reality they do it for the hits it gets them. It's sad when some of them are actually pretty good writers but the pattern of controversial reviews they give-and with now more PS3 games coming as exclusives than before it distorts things into them seeming biased when they aren't-leads me to my own conclusions.

Honestly the marks for inFamous, Mass Effect and Killzone2 (among other big wexclusives they mark down)show that there's something odd about their scores and I can only think they like the hits being controversial gets them. R2 a 6, ME a 7? You see my point?

Lifendz3340d ago (Edited 3340d ago )

shame on anyone who says anyone here is wrong for critiqing this review since it's just an opinion. No duh. Since when is stating your opinion a barrier to another refuting or disagreeing with that opinion? Second, if you guys really want to make your disapproval of this review felt by Edge then don't subscribe to the magazine. If you are a subscriber then end your subscription.

And, again, you don't have to be a subscriber to have a problem with this review.

That said, Edge has lost all credibility. Edge would be wise to look at sites that were once biased against the PS3 and how those sites conduct themselves now. You can't "make it" as a publication if you disenfranchise the 21 plus million PS3 owners out there.

Christopher3339d ago

Doesn't explain how some 'good' games get scored much higher than other 'good' games. Honestly, Halo 3 was phenomenal? Not even LBP was phenomenal. But, even worse? Gears of War 2 and Fable 2? Yeah, enjoyable games, but scoring 9/10 on that scale? No way in hell.

TheRealSpy023339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )

you guys all seem to agree that edge sucks, so stop reading their reviews. seems simple enough.

oh but wait, you all thrive on controversy. then you love to disagree with and take bubbles from anyone who offers a contrary opinion.

but here it goes anyway.

did any of you actually play inFamous? cuz i bought it a few days ago and played through. do you not see that the graphics are god awful? do you not notice all the little bugs and glitches like falling through buildings and getting stuck on invisible corners and sometimes after you do a ground slam, you can't run forward like there's an invisible wall til you jump again? do you not notice that all the enemies look pretty much the same, attack the same, have no ai? do you not see that the side missions are all the same and get extremely tedious after a while (just like assassin's creed)? do you not hear the lack of good music in the game? or the sub-par voice acting?

yes, the game is fun to move around in. i've said before, the parkour elements are very fun. but that's the extent of it. the story is only marginally interesting.

you can't give a game, based on a 1-10 scale, more than a 7 if all it has to offer is fun. there are categories to be measure in. and when you factor in all the other things that i've highlighted and are undeniable, you are left with a game that is lucky to get a 7. yes i enjoy the game for about an hour at a time, yes it has some cool concepts that work most of the time while zooming around on high wires and running across roof tops but that doesn't mean it meets all the other expectations that a this gen game deserves.

you're allowed to really enjoy or even love games without that automatically making them AAA titles. saints row 2 is another 7/10 game, if you ask me. but it's one of the most fun co op games i've played on console this generation.

just fun does not equal a high score.

FrankenLife3339d ago

This proves it. Edge isn't biased. They are just pants on head retarded. Either that or they use the same manatees that are used to write the Family Guy scripts.

I don't understand why people buy their magazine, or why publishers send them review copies.

Sarcasm3339d ago

It still doesn't ever justify that they gave Halo 3 a 10.

Halo 3 is far from "Phenomenal"

I'd accept the score of 7 from Infamous, but for Halo 3 to get a 10 is stupid.

FrankenLife3339d ago


Keep in mind, PANTS ON HEAD RETARDED. That is, if they even come up with the scores themselves. They have no consistency, at all. Maybe the manatees pulled the #10 ball out of the water when reviewing Halo 3.

PrimordialSoupBase3339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )

Because they don't indoctrinate your opinion, I'm guessing.

Edge is a great publication full of fine writers and thinkers. There's a reason they've been so successful for so long: quality.

But hey, go off and continue letting IGN make grade school writing and dry reviews the norm for the internet gaming media.

aksmashh3339d ago

Its Probably The Same For Uncharted & LBP

I Think Most Of There Customers Are PC,Wii & 360 Users,
So Its Probably To Make Them Feel Better.

Buy A Mc D's Instead Of This Sh*t

ShadowRyuX3339d ago

I hate edge and it isn't because they rate PS3 exclusives low, but it is because they rate everything else 1-3 points higher than they should. I'd go into further detail, but...I don't really care...

KaBaW3339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )

I'm sorry, but why is a seven(7) not acceptable?
The game is good.. But, not everyone is going to like it.
At least, not as much as the next person.
And, bro, a seven(7) is still a good score..

It's all opinions.. If you liked the game, then ignore the reviews.

SuperM3339d ago

Im so tired of people complaining about the graphics in infamous. Its a f'cin open world game, its not gonna look like uncharted. However for an open world game it looks pretty damn good imo. The graphics looks for the most part better then GTA4. But GTA4 has better line of sight and less popin.

Still, in Infamous you can blow up dozens of cars and make total havok without the game lagging. In GTA4 i start getting frame drops if 2 cars blow up at the same time.

mal_tez923339d ago

Are these the same morons who gave Resistance 2 a 6, and Killzone 2 a 7? Because if it is then I don't give a crap about their reviews.

BrianC62343339d ago

I like EDGE for everything but their reviews. Their reviews are horrible.

Legend3339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )

The comments from you casual gamers remind my why I don't come to this website anymore. Yeah yeah I know. Good riddance to me.

rockleex3339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )

The problem is that when you COMPARE inFamous' score to other games that EDGE reviewed, you can clearly see the bias.

Hell, EDGE even said straight up that they review PS3 games on a much harsher scale because they expect more from PS3 games!

Double standards FTW!

Gamerbee3339d ago

I dont need to. As soon as I saw EDGE I knew. Edge does hate Sony. Period. Dont believe a word they say. Dumb F*cks.

Defectiv3_Detectiv33339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )

From someone who has actually played the game, I'm about 1/2 way through it right now. The combat is too simple and the progression is linear for an open world game. You unlock your powers through missions, but since you have to do the missions in order everything is already pre-determined. This skill tree is bare bones.

Its annoying how all the enemies use guns. The shoot you from a block away from the top of buildings which makes it so you're basically stuck using your long range attacks.

The story isn't anything special either. The whole karma system is exagerated. It basically boils down to 15 missions that will influence your ranking.

inFAMOUS might not be a 7, but its definetly not an 8.

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callahan093340d ago

7 for infamous. How predictable.

SpoonyRedMage3340d ago (Edited 3340d ago )

Considering they gave 8s at the maximum I wouldn't put it down to bias just yet.

Christopher3340d ago (Edited 3340d ago )

Until you see one of those 8s is Fuel :p

Honestly, 7 isn't what I expected from them. I was expecting a 5 or a 6 honestly.

Chemical3340d ago


It is predictable...
a non AAA quality game at hand...

Poor sales are comming...

redsquad3339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )

Ah, "Chemical". You're the latest in a long line of banal clones to come here trotting out tired, insipid rhetoric about something you have no interest in.

You "lmfao" at the (imagined) prospect of a game failing and then pretend you're a gamer? Quite the opposite, in fact. You're anything but and apparently a rather nasty person. Hope you're proud...

I don't own a 360 so go nowhere near the 360 section because I have no desire to spew vitriol at total strangers about something in which I have no interest.

You're like a little child poking an ant hill to stir them up. Feeble...

Sarcasm3339d ago


He doesn't have the brain capacity to understand your comment.

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table3340d ago

heheh. Fuel getting an 8 after getting very poor scores off of other sites. Infamous getting a 7 after getting great scores off of the most credible sites. Good ol' edge know the score... not!

krakdol3340d ago

Lol @ Fuel : 8

If it was a PS3 exclusive it would get 4 like on every other website.

By the way, Infamous got a predictable 7 (too much freedom)

Seriously, this magazine is comedy. Let them have their MS paycheck and rest in peace.