Splinter Cell Conviction, Is Sam Fisher in Los Angeles ? writes: "Sam Fisher is in Los Angeles ? From the Splinter Cell Conviction official web teaser site ( we have found another clue. This time Sam Fischer is in California, in a unknow location near Los Angeles."

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DarkSniper3404d ago

Sam Fisher will see his visit to Los Angeles to be a short one. His next ticket will be on a two way street to either hell, or poverty. The reasoning behind it is simple, Splinter Cell Conviction is being developed for Xbox 360.

That final sentence in the aformentioned paragragh alone should tell you that there is doom and gloom for Solid Snake's biggest idol and imitator.

Xbox 360 does not have the technological muscle to provide Splinter Cell with the jump start it needs to reinvent a genre that it was never a pioneer of. Developers have been jumping off the Xbox battleship due to fickle leadership and inferior design capabilities. Not to mention that Microsoft's money laundering techniques have gone too long to be unnoticed and is now been brought to the forefront. Which is why Xbox 360 has a 2009 lineup that is lower than the concrete that Dark Sniper walks on.

In order for Splinter Cell to achieve any kind of success, it must find it's way to the PLAYSTATION®3 Home Entertainment Terminal. There you will finally see the true potential of Sam Fisher as Ubisoft will finally be allowed to create a title of their own and without relying on the comparisons to the superior Metal Gear Solid series.

Dark Sniper has no pity for you Microslaves, you chose to support Xbox 360 and now you must pay for your sins by experiencing a dull and lackluster 2009 with no AAA titles for you to enjoy.



ShabzS3404d ago

o' boy the sony god has spoken

HackMaxx3404d ago

Do you ever read the utter BS you type jeez credibility out the window lawl.

solidt123404d ago

The real Sam Fisher will be at E3.

locos853404d ago (Edited 3404d ago )

That's what I was just thinking. that might be the L.A. Convention Center. But just the game...... not the real Sam Fisher.......

sniper-squeak3404d ago

...get me an autograph :P lol

xdye0173404d ago

Ohhh darksniper. Someone is a little angry for not having splinter cell on PS3? Ohhh how sad.


i think a little angry is under stating it a bit. He sounds like he is about to jump off a building over it... You would think with all the MGS hype floating around he would have more interesting subjects to add his constructive thoughts too.

KoB4EMvPi3404d ago

Prettty clear its the convention center...
Thats Staples Center on the top and the convention center in the bottom.
I should know i live in Los angeles.

Splinter Cell to be revealed @ E3..

Cant waitt.

HackMaxx3404d ago

@Darksniper Splinter Cell started on Xbox as MGS was Sony only at the time, if you love the series so much you must have played it on there when xbox was the most powerful.
Would Sony have made such an effort with the PS3 if Xbox hadn't come out? I don't think so.

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The story is too old to be commented.