KZ2 Sev's twinbrother in Modern Warfare 2?

PSFocus writes: "We just found the twin brother of Sev from Killzone 2 in the upcoming game Modern Warfare 2. Don't believe us?

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Whitefeather3160d ago (Edited 3160d ago )

Yup a blatant rip off....typical. Though the guy on the right looks kinda like tom cruise. So their rip off = worse.

Trollimite3160d ago

thats acctually the real sev! just a little younger

1 1/2 years after the events in modern warefare, space exploration took a huge leap!
and the battle for helgahn began.

if you look closely you can see templar!

THE-JAGON3160d ago

he is sevs great grandfather !

Mindboggle3160d ago

As soon as I saw the modern warefare 2 trailer I said to that guy looks like that guy from Killzone 2..

Crazyglues3160d ago (Edited 3160d ago )

Bubbles for you my friend, that was the best explanation I have heard of why they would have someone that looks just like the guy from killzone 2... Priceless... :)

Nice one... I enjoyed reading that... LOL

GrieverSoul3160d ago (Edited 3160d ago )

OMG!! The guy in MW2 will be the basis from where the DNA of the Killzone Sev will be made! They will enhance the MW2 guy´s DNA and alter it to make the super soldier capable of ruin the Helghan plan in the future!

K2 Sev shall be known as Solid Sev and MW2 guy shall be named Big Sev...

See what I did here?!
For the lulz!!!

On topic:
They do look alike but I dont think it was intentional.

4Sh0w3160d ago

well KZ2 wasn't exactly very original in the gameplay levels, so is two characheters with a mohawk in two different games really news?

solidt123160d ago

Actually Sev was sent back in time to help the US fight off Terrorist. They needed his combat skills. All these secrets will be unvieled in Killzone 3 - Modern Warfare

NIGHT_HAWK32103160d ago

hahahaha i noticed that the first time i saw it

Bnet3433160d ago

People are just saying this because of the hair.

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Rehabinum3160d ago

They look to much alike is that even allowed?

Forrest Gump3160d ago

Just from that tiny screenshot you can tell Killzone 2 is a graphical powerhouse.

poopsack3160d ago

i know it looks like when a mod tries to recreate a character in a totally different engine. cept this is no mod, its an actual character...

jahcure3160d ago

Modern warfare 2 would look better than KZ2? Those pics tell a million tales.

poopsack3160d ago

and sadly we know itll sell better and get more praise, cause since its COD it doesnt need to innovate. And by N4G fanboy standards better sales=better games. Imma shut up now and go back to playing the best game in the world, WiiFit.

GrieverSoul3160d ago

Nobody can argue with the OP.

Very true my friend!

Spolodaface3160d ago

Really? I've never played Killzone 2, but I didn't know which game was which by looking at the screen - thy both look so similar. I'm not saying K2 looks bad, but comeon - it's pathetic to compliment the game from that screen.

jmare3160d ago

I thought the best game was WiiPlay. Or WiiSports, maybe?

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-x.Red.x-3160d ago

MW2 will look better!!!

Kill Crow3160d ago

The trailer has the same sounds from the Transformer movie in it?

SpoonyRedMage3160d ago

You guys know that there's plenty of people with mohawks before Sev right. Hell even look at turok.

poopsack3160d ago

the whole argument isnt based off the hairdo my friend.

SpoonyRedMage3160d ago

Then what else is it based off?

Killzone 2 isn't the bastion of originality like some people think...

Tony P3160d ago

It's just the mohawk.

I rather think it's less a rip than a lack of originality. How many square-jawed, stubbly-chinned, heavy-browed, buzz-cut heroes can you point out this gen? Heroic proportions get reused. Tough break. Blame the art dept. But if he didn't have the mohawk, this article probably wouldn't be here.

Bnet3433160d ago

SpoonyRedMage is spot on. Bubbles up. It's the hair.

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