Video Games: More Than Simple Entertainment

Video games are definitely a lot of fun, but are they also a form of stress relief, or even pain relief?

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A HiFi3405d ago

It's true. I have a friend who suffers from (I believe) scoliosis and while he's used his 360 as pain relief during surgery, he only got Xbox Live and the net a few months ago. Man, it's all he plays and he loves it.

And, worth noting, I've tried to cut video games out while I've studied this year. And...this year has been a terrible year; finding it hard to get rid of the stress! I reckon my 360 will be making a comeback next year...

stewie328873405d ago

Heh, I can't begin to count the number of times I've come home from school in high school or had a rough day of classes or work, felt like hell, and then proceeded to mow down a crowd of people in Hitman and felt better. Something about virtual mass murder is just such a stress reliever....

....and now I sound like a psychotic.

NeverforgetNES3405d ago

I agree. Bad days tend to end up in me talking to my girlfriend and powering up the wii/ps3. It is just a given. lol