Alpha Protocol CGI trailer

SEGA has released a CGI trailer for Alpha Protocol

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Christopher3364d ago

It's definitely very Mass Effect-ish, but looks like it could be fun. Production values aren't crazy, but if the gameplay and story are good, definitely looks like something you could play through a few times.

Whitefeather3364d ago

Forget this. Sega just announce Yakuza 3 for US....please...

Christopher3364d ago

I'd go for both, but, yeah, Yakuza 3 would win out in a HUGE way over Alpha Protocol if I had to choose.

Whitefeather3364d ago

I'm planning on buying Alpha Protocol but I want to know if Yakuza 3 will come out. It would be such a dumb move not to.

Lastlivingsoul3363d ago

-this looks kinda interesting, Mike.

-Maybe, Nina, I wonder when it comes out.

-The voice acting seems a little cheesy, don't you think, Mike?

-You know what Nina? It does sound cheesy. But it's a video game, as long as the gameplay is good-

- You know who has good gameplay Mike? Your Mom.