PS3 Slim pictures are fake !

The "stolen" pictures of a supposed PS3 Slim have been seen all around the world, you've seen them on Ultimate PS3. After we received threats following the publication of these pics, our staff has investigated and reveals the trickery. Read all the details in this exclusive news, as we've interviewed one of the creators of this fake PS3 Slim.

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Cajun Chicken3367d ago

It did look bloody awful, though.

Capt CHAOS3367d ago

I mean what makes people think that the PS3 has been out long enough to warrant a new version??

Mindboggle3367d ago

There goes Sev's credibility.

jessehaysfl3367d ago

naa SEV has always been straight up, and he's a good dude. This if anything helps prove him right, I believe he said the pics wer fake and the slim is not. I knew those pics were fake the ps3 slim isint. I am posotive that we won't see it for a year or so maybe longer.

Mindboggle3367d ago

Look here....

Sev clearly said these images were real...Shows how much he knows...

jessehaysfl3367d ago

I dont know about his previous statements, I do know he is a good dude and even though Ive had disagreements with his staff I still think he is a good dude and he knows what he is talking about, he may be wrong on this instance and you know maybe not.....we will find out at (most likely) TGS.

Fox013367d ago (Edited 3367d ago )

Sev is as reliable as TheBull5hitGamer, the sooner you know, the better.

Mr_Bun3367d ago (Edited 3367d ago )

This is from a french site that has been translated and really gives no concrete evidence.

I trust Sev over the french any day!

E3 is just around the corner.

Look at everyone attacking Sev...maybe there is no PS3 slim in the works, maybe he is wrong, but why is everyone taking this article as fact?

Christopher3367d ago (Edited 3367d ago )

And a random poster here on N4G is so much more reliable that I'd take his claim that someone who actually provides us with PS3 news, including the recent Trico video, and is going to E3 to interview various people in the industry is in fact, not reliable.

You see how silly you sound now?

Just to remind you, Sev has said it could be one of a few things and only included the Slim because of its current status in the news. He included that it might just be a new model with a bigger HDD and game packaging or it could be a new controller as well.

Captain Tuttle3367d ago

You're just setting yourself up to be dissapointed buddy. Sev made a mistake, that's all.

gaffyh3367d ago

I think everyone and their uncle knew this was fake, it looked like sh*t.

La Chance3367d ago

thats fake.
Ugliest machine ever

LightofDarkness3367d ago

Thank god. You had to know it was fake though, Sony have a penchant for the aesthetic and this thing flew in the face of that altogether.

whoelse3367d ago

We'll see what Sev says now but he did say the pictures are real including the box and will be shown at E3.

Fishy Fingers3367d ago (Edited 3367d ago )

Swings and roundabouts, you can all moan about Sev now, but I recall everyone kissing his ass when he was the first to show the "new" ICO game trailer.

Plus like others are mentioning, it looked like a dirt cheap DVD player. Sony have an eye for aesthetics and that thing certainly doesnt.

Oner3367d ago (Edited 3367d ago )


Christopher3367d ago

Sev did say the pictures were real.

Guess what, they are real.

He did not say you'd see the box at E3, he said you'd see if it's true or not at E3.

Wow, you guys love to throw words in people's mouth and/or have huge issues with the English language.

Mr_Bun3367d ago (Edited 3367d ago )

Why weren't you calling out Sev in this article:

The one that says the PS3 slim IS coming?

So to get this right, article that claims PS3 slim is coming = ignore
artticle claims PS3 slim is fake = calling out Sev

Brave indeed

whoelse3367d ago (Edited 3367d ago )

"the PS3 Slim is REAL, and so are the leaked pics. Mark my words, the box, and PS3 in the leaked pics will be shown at E3 and will be the final product."

Anyway, I have never heard of this French site before so I guess we'll have to wait till Tuesday to see.

sniper-squeak3367d ago

Sev will either be gloating during this next week, due to a cheaper, run-down PS3 slim being announced, or bloating... due to there being no PS3 slim.

Mindboggle3367d ago (Edited 3367d ago )

Aren't you affiliated with Sev ???

Anyway the point is...The only person to come out and say the PS3 slim "In those Pictures" are real, including the console and the box is Sev.

Its pretty obvious there will be a PS3 slim in the PS3 life cycle, its happened with every Sony console, it doesn't take an "insider" to guess that, but now we have some "evidence" to suggest the images are fake, after he clearly said they were real, he ends up looking a bit stupid.....

Anyway lets just wait till E3. Its pretty obvious that if this PS3 slim isnt at E3, like he said, he ends up looking very stupid..If it does I apologize in advance..

whoelse3367d ago

I used to but I work for now.

I'm just getting the facts right so that people don't get the wrong end of the stick. We can't make any judgements on who's right until we see for ourselves on Tuesday.

Sarick3367d ago (Edited 3367d ago )

This is the complete post.

"I just want to clarify, I am not sure if this newest image is real, or if it is fake.

However the PS3 Slim is REAL, and so are the leaked pics. Mark my words, the box, and PS3 in the leaked pics will be shown at E3 and will be the final product."

This sentence is a two part post>>
"I just want to clarify, I am not sure if this newest image is real, or if it is fake. "

Sorry, but you can't chop up a statement losing a part of it's value.

Isn't it obvious he's talking about 2 separate leaked images? This is why he said the first statement. His second statement could still be true. It's just a matter of when.

the box leaked images.
the factory images.

whoelse3367d ago (Edited 3367d ago )

The first sentence refers to fake comparison shot featured in the article the comment was in, totally different from the ones that were requested to be pulled down.

Sarick3367d ago (Edited 3367d ago )

"The first sentence refers to fake comparison shot featured in the article the comment was in, totally different from the ones that were requested to be pulled down."

Agreed. That was the point of my comment not if it was real or fake. :)

3367d ago
CSM-101e3367d ago

is your name in reference to Captain Benjamin Franklin 'Hawkeye' Pierce's imaginary childhood friend, whom he resurrects in season 1, episode 15?
(yes, i am a complete M*A*S*H dork)

Sev3367d ago

@ Mindboggle,

How many times do I have to put you in your place?

Project Trico wasn't enough.

This site is a phony, the box pics aren't. You are pissing me off.

That's the real PS3 slim and I stand by it. How is some crappy no name french site's word being taken as gospel?

You have pushed me.

If I prove you wrong I want a public apology. One every story I submit for the next month.

I don't need to prove my credibility to you or anyone else. I already did that with Project Trico.

However you just gave me a reasons to do something I wasn't going to do...

Sev3367d ago

That original leaked box image, is 100% real.

I know because I have seen the PSP Go box. And it looks exactly the same as that PS3 slim box.

EXACT. Same logo placement, same XMB wave "stripe" across the middle.

I know what I am talking about and I don't just throw around the word real.

heyheyhey3367d ago

oh, it's on :)

what is thing you are being pushed to do Sev?

Mr_Bun3367d ago

Sev is now backing up his claim...don't you guys realize that Sev would be insane to comment on something so big without knowing for sure, considering the constant scrutiny he gets regarding credibility?

I think a lot of apologies are going to be owed to Sev...not just by Mindboggle

JD_Shadow3367d ago (Edited 3367d ago )

Sev, I hope you know that you're talking to brick walls.

Reason why they will take this site over you: it's a way to character assassinate someone who's revealed a LOT of good things for the PS3 and Sony (and Sony trusts you to keep things under wraps, unlike some people *coughKotakucough*), and that is something that the other side really doesn't like. They also don't want the PS3 to succeed because they want to justify why they don't have one yet. They want their precious 360 to win every single battle, and this slim thing will be a HUGE detriment towards that.

Like I said, this will be like talking to brick walls.

By the way, this site just rambles on about what they said they did. No proof is shown whatsoever that they did anything that they said they did.

StalkingSilence3367d ago

I believe everything I read on the internet and quickly switch my opinion back-and-forth between two extremes. Please, someone tell me what I think today!

Sarcasm3367d ago

"Please, someone tell me what I think today! "

You will get me a Pepsi.


Sarcasm3367d ago

As for the topic, We'll see if Sev is true to his words in only a matter of days.

If there is a PS3 slim, then prepare your apologies.

However, if there isn't a PS3 slim at E3...


People make mistakes?

Mindboggle3367d ago

Listen Sev I really dont care....

If the PS3 slim is at E3 then like I said I apologize in advance. But if its not then how will anyone believe you again....Lets just all wait till E3...

And your not gunna get anywhere by threatening me with PM's....

Mario183367d ago

@ Mindboggay

You need to calm down a bit before getting all over Sev, I mean have you ever heard of that site before?

JD_Shadow3367d ago (Edited 3367d ago )

You're backpedaling. As SOON as Sev came on here and began defending his case (and as soon as people began to call you out on how you believed some random site against someone who runs a proven site), you immediately changed your tone and said that you didn't care, and that if he's right, you would apologize. The problem is, you're the one who brought him up to begin with beforehand, and you seemed so sure of yourself that he was the liar and that this site had all the damn answers. He mentioned everything to you countless times as clear as can be, yet he's not allowed to defend himself on here or through PM (YOU'RE the one attacking him left and right and accusing him of lying. Why do you expect him NOT to answer?).

EDIT: "1.3 -
There goes Sev's credibility. "

"1.5 -
Look here....

Sev clearly said these images were real...Shows how much he knows... "

After whoelse made his comment: "Anyway lets just wait till E3. Its pretty obvious that if this PS3 slim isnt at E3, like he said, he ends up looking very stupid..If it does I apologize in advance.."

That's called backpedaling because you're suddenly slowing down your attacks. You're being called out for the unwarranted attacks and just taking this site's word for it without even thinking. He didn't say that the pictures themselves were real, just the news that the pic was related to was true. That and, as whoelse said, there was more than one image that was linked to this story.

You're trying to see the forest from the trees and saying that the tree is what made the entire forest. There's clearly more to the story than just a picture.

gamesmaster3367d ago

i'm sorry, but this is completely nonsense. We've had countless articles with evidence, CONCRETE evidence of the ps3 slim being real. Yet we get one article from an unknown french site stating its fake and that they caught out the Chinese culprits, by email, F*CKING EMAIL?!? then they talk about it being an elaborate scam to sell it on ebay, ebay? what... Iv never heard so much boll0x in my life.

have you forgotten that the first site to post the pics received a legal threat from the actual suppliers of the playstation console, asking them to remove them immediately.

i'm behind sev on this one, you know why? because it makes sense and its logical. this french sites explanation is completely illogical, anyone can claim to have made those pics.

hey guess what it was me, you know why? because i said so in an email.../sarcasm

Mindboggle3367d ago (Edited 3367d ago )

How am I back pedalling. Look at my posts clearly before talking out your ass.

I stand by all what I said in my previous posts...

And I already said I will apologize if im wrong before Sev even turned up....

Jamegohanssj53367d ago

It's real. That's all.


RememberThe3573367d ago

"I know because I have seen the PSP Go box. And it looks exactly the same as that PS3 slim box."

Whats to say that the people who supposedly faked the PS3 Slim box, didn't see the same PSP Go! box and use that as a template for their fake?

I'm still on the fence about this, but it seems a little enthusiastic of you to say that the box is 100% real because it looks just like the PSP Go! box.

cmrbe3367d ago

Even if it proves to be wrong it dosen't mean that Sev was lying. It could just mean that Sev got the wrong information. No one will ever get everything right all the time.

Cut him some slack. He posted not only screen shots of the super secret ICO project but also a trailer!. Most PS fans would have been happy even if just one screen shot was posted but Sev did the unthinkable and managed to post a whole trailer.

Look, even IGN UK are saying that its most likely true that this Slim PS3 rumor is real. Many other well know established sites say so as well. Will these other established sites lose their credability if this turns out to be false, or does it only apply to Sev?.

If i were you i would take Sev's word on this rather than this other French site that we don't know anything about.

Mindboggle3367d ago

Right ive had enough of this. You lot can bend over and take it up the ass from Sev all you want. And you can stick Trico up there aswell...

JD_Shadow3367d ago (Edited 3367d ago )

Woow...way to take things too seriously.

We're just telling you that you're accusing him WAY too quickly and believing the French site WAY too easily, and you're getting all uptight when you get called out for it. My God, go outside and RELAX!

EDIT: By the way...

"And I already said I will apologize if im wrong before Sev even turned up...."

You did, but you're only providing one half of THAT story. whoelse called you out on it, and THAT'S when you suddenly offered the apology!

3367d ago
TapiocaMilkTea3367d ago

Like someone mentioned earlier, it's possible that these people know what the PSP GO box looks like and used it as a template. The article said some of these people works in factories in China, maybe they have access to or know people who works in Sony's factories?
Either way, Sev does not need to prove anything, we should all be happy that he gives us hints of cool new products from time to time.

TheDude2dot03367d ago (Edited 3367d ago )

I want Sev's baby!

rockleex3367d ago (Edited 3367d ago )

Does it matter if he's right about the Slim PS3 or not?

He's given us plenty of correct information already. Out of all the insider news he gets, there's bound to be some incorrect ones!

Why don't people ever call out the bigger websites whenever they're wrong?!!?!?!?

Hell, some of the bigger sites even stole Sev's articles word for word without naming his website as a source!

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Lucreto3367d ago

Wow That is some investigation work. It shows the lengths criminals will go for your money.

Halo3 MLG Pro3367d ago

It's still to early for a slim. How long did it take the ps2 to get its slim?

Lotard33367d ago (Edited 3367d ago )

A little under 5 years, I think.

mastiffchild3367d ago (Edited 3367d ago )

Yeah, but they weren't having the same level of problems making the console itself cheap enough to make so they could turn a profit on the hardware with the PS2, were they?

I don't know if I thought tis was real or not-that's not important anyway-but I do think a slim PS3 is on the card sooner in PS3 lifetime than we saw in PS2's. Already they're trying to squeeze cosys down by halving the suppliers (of PS parts)so a jump to making a slim isn't too much of a stretch for my mind.

As for Sev-lots of sites and people far more experienced than he and his have been fooled by this(and also by far less likely things in the past)so if we're to ignore what he says are we also striking off everyone else who ever felt a rumour was(incorrectly)true? Jeez, as a reporter(in the past) I've had good and bad leads off sources that had been previously reliable-often it's that way people look silly but it doesn't stop them being trustworthy in general or, indeed, in the future.

Give the guy a break. Why we all so eager to point and laugh? We all so perfect? I'm definitely not.

Sarick3367d ago

Runs like a mack truck driving a 1 person shuttle to work everyday. my PS2 only draws like <40 watts when playing a game. My PS3 draws over 120 with no game loaded. It'd be nice to see a lower power draw and cooler unit.

This is another reason why a new PS3 slim would be nice. The newer models usually use less power and heat to run.

Whitefeather3367d ago

I knew all looked effing ugly. Sony's PS3 right now looks beautiful, why would they go downgrade it's looks? Anyways it's good to know the slim won't look like a Chinese knock off.

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3367d ago

REALLY!!! ;-D I'm SHOCKED...NOT!!!;)

Kill Crow3367d ago

for the trash heap ....

30 million PS3 Slim lines already shipped(to customers of course) !!!!

Raz3367d ago

Didn't we go through this with Sev already in the whole 'Funstation 3' debacle? Why is this news again?? <facepalm>