Cursed Mountain 'The Terma' trailer

Developer Deep Silver has released a new trailer for their upcoming survival horror title Cursed Mountain.

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condorstrike3367d ago

Cool trailer, hopefully they show something next time though.

N4g_null3366d ago

I know right, the game play part is not even close to the hype they where claiming. Oh yeah they haven't really said how you suppose to play this game have they? Hmmmm some one should email them about that. We want to see why it would be fun. And dead space even as a on rails shooter is going to be a big distraction. Now if they can make the 3d art look like some of the 2d concepts then they may have a winner. I want to say it's creepy but it just way too mysterious which is not a good thing because they are not dropping any clues that make me want to dig deeper.