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Britxbox's Mark Lawson writes: "Dana White, the President of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, likes to constantly remind people that Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is the fastest growing sport today. This is true, but their gaming franchise has had a string of average games with lacklustre sales. In hope to turn things around, THQ along with Yuke's from the juggernaut "Smackdown vs. Raw" series have stepped into the Octagon in hopes to completely rebuild the fighting genre.

MMA is a brutal but very technical sport. Two men step into an octagonal-shaped cage and use a combination of martial arts styles to pound the crap out of each other until either one submits or is knocked out. The massive hurdle that Yuke's had to jump over was trying to translate the complexity of this sport onto a game but keep it fun. In MMA you have two different games to play. "Stand up" which has you both on your feet trying to score the knockout blow. Then you have the "ground game", where it becomes a human game of chess as you wrestle each other in form of transitional movements to gain the advantage and either go for the knockout or set up a submission attempt."

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