MMORPG: The Chronicles of Spellborn Review

All in all, MMORPG would say Spellborn is a must-try MMOG, if just to experience the combat and skill mechanics. The game is clearly incomplete, more so than most MMOG launches, but has content sufficient enough to take you to the level cap, and developers paying great attention to their players' concerns. You won't find the most engaging PvP experience, or even a fully realized endgame PvE experience, but the barrier to entry is also quite low. There is no box to purchase, you simply download the game, and should you be curious to see how far the rabbit hole goes you're only out 15 bucks.

The Chronicles of Spellborn is a true-blue themepark MMOG, and MMORPG has no reservations recommending anyone to try out the rides at least once.

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