Tales of Vesperia - New screenshots

Namco Bandai published a batch of new screenshots from Tales of Vesperia.

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Aceluffy3338d ago

To think that their tactic almost work on me. One day I went to Fry's Electronics and looked at all this JRPG the 360 has and the one that makes me really want to buy a 360 is Tales of Vesperia, among other RPGs. Finally I picked up a 360 Pro and 5 RPG games and went ahead to the cashier, before I went out, I decided to glance over some gaming news from the magazine stand and what did I find ? 2 of those magazines had news about the high rate of 360's RROD and some other disc scracthing problem. Immediately I put back the 360 and those 5 RPG games and went home and decided to be patient. Finally it pays off, my favourite Tales RPG finally finds its way home to PS3.

pippoppow3338d ago

Yes, it does seem like PS3 owners just have to be a little patient when it comes to a few 3rd party Devs. Most 3rd party games will be multi-platform even the ones that claim to be exclusive. Worst gen when it comes to Devs lying.