MMORPG: Final Fantasy XI, Friendlier Than Ever

Final Fantasy XI has a reputation for being a hardcore grind. Cody Worth gives it a second look.

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himdeel3336d ago can be very brutal and very unfriendly to new players. However with the rumor of this game being ported to PS3 I might consider going back sooner than later. Either way I'd like to play the game again eventually and I'm glad they're making it easier for new players to jump in.

Tony P3336d ago

That's great but why did it take so long? The game's been in need of some serious tweaking for the longest time especially at starter levels.

The changes sound cool, but I would rather wait and see what Rapture has to offer.

maxcer3336d ago

its nice to see them trying to help the grind of 1-75. it took me nearly an entire year to get my darkknight to 75. after the changes some 3 years later i got my BST up to 72 in about 4 months. I agree with TonyP, we need the new MMO they have been working on for the last few years.

vhero3335d ago

the games a massive grind fest and losing xp when you die really turns players away from the game you can spend 3 hours getting a party and leveling up to be wiped out, lose your level and your party leave you. It's all good trying to get people to party play but forcing it with exp loss when you die?? The games survived on FF name and nothing more if it was an FF game it would have died YEARS ago.

Myst3335d ago

Sadly I wish I could have continued with this game, it seems like I am cursed every time I tried to play it. As I was really looking forward to trying out dancer as well as going the route of Red Mage as well as Dark Knight and a bit of samurai on the side. Alas I suppose my built up that was going to be for Final Fantasy XI will not go towards 'Rapture.' Maybe for that one I won't be cursed