Phil Harrison No Longer President Of Atari

Kotaku writes; Last year, in a major coup for the fledgling company, Atari managed to hire former Sony Worldwide Studios boss Phil Harrison to serve as President. Now? Now he's no longer President.

According to a statement made by Atari as part of the company's fiscal year report:

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TOO PAWNED3369d ago (Edited 3369d ago )


Winter47th3369d ago (Edited 3369d ago )

When he was at Sony he sure did nothing but to hamper it down, after he got his ass evicted things turned out for the best, Sony promising the best E3 ever one year after he quit sure brought up a lot of whistles.

The guy's simply not suited for the gaming industry, and he sure as hell's no leader.

thereapersson3369d ago

Actually as far as I can remember, he did a lot of good for the company. I'm not sure what basis your comment serves...

Winter47th3369d ago (Edited 3369d ago )

He's so good he quit his tiny little job to move on to the best company in the industry, Atari, cool. He must've realized he's not fit for that kind of responsible leadership.

Compare the age of Ken Kutaragi with this peep and you might get somewhat of a clear picture about the difference between a good management, leadership and a shiver just waiting for a spine to crawl up to.

All he did was talk, while he could've dealt more cards to move forward and earn both developers and consumers, that's not exactly my idea of "a lot of good for the company".

Tomdc3369d ago

HAHAH how on earth do you know what the man did and didnt do? Your basing your arguments on presumption and with the use of a flawed argument. He moved on for his own personal reasons, he wasn't fired, there are more things to life than the prestige that comes with ones job! He could have been bored at Sony and was seeking a more exciting job or a whole number of differen things, prehaps family related if his has one.

He was a great public figure head for sony, id like to see someone such as yourself do half as well :P

PotNoodle3369d ago

Phil was with sony from the start of the playstation.. are you saying he failed on the PS1 and PS2?

Winter47th3369d ago (Edited 3369d ago )

Honey bun tuts, just because you're not a professions Macgyver doesn't mean people don't suck at their jobs. The guy was giving a specific task, setting the global product strategy, he failed, we lost more exclusives than ever before, Microshafts money's part of the problem sure, but only 'cause the developers felt insecure with their investment, it's now the third year in PS3's life cycle, two were his, one year after he left, things shined like never before, Sony's been making more strides than for a long time.

@Deathrow, I was referring to his time as appointed president of Sony's new 2005 global structure 'till Feb. 2008.

staub913369d ago

Come Back Phil....

I miss seeing Phil presenting at Sony's E3 Keynote.
He was always really down to Earth and pretty funny. Jack Trenton on the other hand is pretty lame IMO.

Winter47th3369d ago (Edited 3369d ago )

He basically wanted to turn the PS3 into another Wii, and Wii Sports is a true next-generations game in his opinion, eh, not really, but it's fun, that's all. And pulled a stunt on SCEJ.

5 days later he quit/got the shaft, they must've realized he's not the right man for the job after all and gave him the clean way out, and judging from where he's been, to where he went, to what happened today at where he chose to be, it sure looks like it.

He's a good talker, nothing more. Can't believe some are calling for him back just because he 'talked well'.

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Christopher3368d ago

Highly doubt that had anything to do with it. Atari is selling off publishing rights for their games in Europe to Namco Bandai. Ghost Busters just happened to be in the early stages of getting through the red tape for publication and was dropped so that Atari wouldn't waste any money on something Namco Bandai would be doing very shortly. I doubt they care very much about the game in Europe anymore considering they won't be making any money off of it.

Selling off publishing rights in Europe allows Atari to cut staff and trim away a lot of the work considering the number of countries and different laws to work with while still reaping some reward for having primary publishing rights to a lot of games.

pain777pas3368d ago

Come back to Sony Phil. Do a reveal aat E3.

The Lazy One3368d ago

does anyone else think phil harrison looks creepy?

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jessehaysfl3369d ago

yeah I think this is a bummer, man.

ChickeyCantor3369d ago

In that picture...he looks like an albino.
Anywho...that was fast ?

jessehaysfl3369d ago

yeah this is slightly worrying. hope ghostbusters is good....

arsenal553369d ago

Come back to Sony Phil!!! I miss you!

Legendary-Status3369d ago (Edited 3369d ago )

lol... hahaha..

Yeah I Like Phil 2 He should come back to Sony... even Knowing he still has a job to play at atari

I forgot didnt Atari make Rush 2049? If so I love that racing game they need to do another one and revamped it with the next-gen engine...

ThatArtGuy3368d ago

Atari Games made the Rush series. Atari was the console company. they split during the 80's. Atari Games is owned by Midway now.

PS360PCROCKS3368d ago

wait what? Atari the console developer and the game developer aren't one in the same? Or did I read your comment wrong?!

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