VideoGamer: Virtua Tennis 2009 Review

Despite the fact that all the evidence suggests Virtua Tennis is a series stuck in a rut, Virtua Tennis 2009 is still great fun, especially in multiplayer. The original 1999 Virtua Tennis engine is so good that it provides, even a decade later, one of the most compelling multiplayer experiences not just in sports games, but in all games. It feels like a cop-out to let the game off for this, but it's unavoidable. Watching this series evolve is like watching the white-painted lines on Centre Court dry, but it's still impossible to put down.

Virtua Tennis 2009 is the best in the series by virtue of iteration, but justifying forking out £45 for what feels like little more than a roster update is getting pretty hard, especially with Top Spin challenging for that coveted world number one tennis game ranking. Right now VT is holding it off. But for how long?

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