3 Good Reasons why Gay Tony will Flop

"And when we anticipate a game will be drivel, and it lives up to our expectations, there's no harm, no foul. But when an artist you know, and love, and deeply trust lets you down, it always leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

Thus we come to the announcement of the second downloadable content pack for Grand Theft Auto IV. Granted, the gaming world was stunned when news first broke of Microsoft's US$50 million dollar deal to make two slabs of GTA DLC exclusively for the Xbox 360. For Microsoft, the hype alone may have been worth that price. But if we're being honest, this deal did not cause a stampede of gamers to choose Microsoft's console over Sony's. Neither will The Ballad of Gay Tony. Why? We can think of at least three good reasons." - from gameplayer

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-MD-3404d ago

Nah it's not you just want it to :)

SlappingOysters3405d ago

Making US$25 million only breaks even

-MD-3404d ago

They still sold like twice as many units on the 360 than Sony did.

staub913404d ago

Could you back your sales statement up with some numbers, because I pretty sure you are way off.

And by "pretty sure" I mean that you are completely making up your own numbers and trying to act like you know what you are talking about.

gaffyh3404d ago

Xbox version sold 7 million, and PS3 version sold 5.6 Million. These are VGChartz guesstimates so you know that they always inflate 360 numbers. But still no where near as "twice as much".

Was it really worth $50 Million + millions in advertising costs for MS? I don't think so, but I wasn't one of the ones who bought the DLC so I don't know, and most likely I won't get this new DLC cos imo GTA sucks, 3 was about the only one I could tolerate.

menoyou3404d ago

this game is stupid and the only people interested in it are pro gay activists. it will receive tons of publicity for having gay in the title with the rainbow and rockstar did this on purpose. if everyone would just ignore this lame game made purely to be controversial, the world would be a better place

N4Flamers3403d ago

with an obviously gay name like menoyou I would think that you would e behind this project. Morons like you keep the video games from being seen as the true art form that it is.

Rockstar makes great games and the lost and the damned dlc was great, I have faith in them.

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cmrbe3405d ago

Knowing how homophobic the xbox community is.

y0haN3404d ago

I shall consider myself in the scarce minority and shall be buying this day 1.

M_Prime3404d ago

i will buy it.. and the gay guy in GTA 4 was the best part.. OMG he even jogged GAY lol.. my best friend is gay and he was laughing too..

and who knows what the gameplay is really? nobody.. but i love the GTA4..

also i was talking to my friend on about GTA4 and he has PS3.. he said the worst part of the game was driving.. and for me it was one of the best.. you know the main reason why? the controller.. the PS3 triggers are MEH.. but when he played it with my 360 controller he was amazed how much better it was.. and thats not what i said.. its what a PS3 only owner said..

but i killed GTA (have all OFFLINE ACHIEVEMENTS) and LOST AND DAMNED.. though it bugged me how they all said BROTHER every 10 seconds.. it got annoying but having CLAY and the other dude follow you was awsome and the the free guns.. hell the last level was AWSOME in L&D and its awsome that you find out who kidnapped a certain someone for the MAFIA.. (trying not to spoil it for those who haven't played) and i am wondering where this will tie in to NIKO and JOHNNY or if its something totally different

Ashriel3404d ago

It's pre adolescent boys who are racist in general, not just the ones who play xbox

Trebius3404d ago

"OMG! lmao! You gay!? hahahaah! Only homo gay asses get Gay DLC! OMG You're getting it day 1! Getting a dikc in the a$$ day 1! Ahahahahah! Go deliver butt-plugs with gay tony and beat down male hookers! haaAHAHAHAHAAH! Have fun getting butt-raped in a game, and in real life! Hahahahaahahah! Maybe you can get butt-fukced AND play gay Tony's a$$ plug cum guzzling mini game at teh same time! AHFAHSAFHAH! HADHFAFHAH!!"

Is what a 12 yearold LIVE player would say....

I say, Godspeed...enjoy your dlc...

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Megaton3405d ago

While I realize there are plenty of 360 owners out there who are not homophobic knuckledraggers, the idea of some meathead Gears fan hesitating to buy it out of fear of catching 'the gay' makes me laugh... a lot.

ShabzS3404d ago

its just so stupid... what are they afraid of ... that they might catch it or somthing .. bubbles for you ... coz this is such a stupid thing

Sarcasm3404d ago

Well you can picture some of the more obvious situations a 360 gamer might be in.

"Hey Bro, what you up to tonight?"
"Umm... I'm gonna play some GTA IV..."
"Didn't you beat that already?"
"Umm... yeah well, there's this new DLC..."
"Oh yeah, what's it called?"
"Umm... Don't laugh, but it's called 'The Ballad of Gay Tony'"

The End.

Daoshai3404d ago

I wouldn't be embarassed at all by purchasing this DLC.
I don't think many people would, I think its ps3 fanboys on this site calling down on anything xbox related and I find THAT funny.

Anyone who played gta4 knows who gay tony is and you don't even play as him. Lost and the Damned was a great addition and I look foward to buying any new DLC they release.

ShabzS3404d ago

yah i wouldnt be embarrased or homophobic for owning a copy of this dlc.. i dont care what it is named... its just stupid insecurities of people these days... its a gta game ... where u usually steal cars and beat up hookers and go to strip clubs .. what do i care if i have to work for a gay boss..

menoyou3404d ago (Edited 3404d ago )

yea because anyone who dislikes pickles is a picklephobe neanderthal primitive being afraid of catching pickleitis.

or maybe they just dont like pickles just like people are able to not like gays or any other thing? get over yourself. pro gay activism is the worst type of religion.

ShabzS3404d ago

yah listen if u want.. u can dislike gay people all you want ... thats ur freedom and u've earned it .... but hating a video game with a fictional gay boss .. is kinda pushing it to crazy teritory

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