GT Exclusive: Lost Planet 2 E3 09 Trailer HD

Return to the lost planet for more giant monsters, gorgeous terrain and epic battles!

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Jok3r3399d ago

Capcom.....I salute you!!
That was one of the bestlooking games I have ever seen!!!

joydestroy3399d ago

wow i know! game looks sick, much better than the first one imo!

4Sh0w3399d ago

Damm Capcom is really cranking up the Wow-Factor, jeesh that looks good their multiplat engine has to be considered the best right now possibly even the best looking engine on either console. Everyone should be excited about that= Great games are coming to both consoles only tough part will be choosing which console to buy Capcoms upcoming games on if your friends a fairly split across both platforms.

really duh3399d ago (Edited 3399d ago )

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Doesn't matter what its running on its probably behind what will be shown in the demo in a few days.

raztad3399d ago

Hey, game really looks good.

Loving that KZ-like levels, in fact its pretty close to KZ2 fidelity. My interest in this one has spiked seriously, here is hopping gameplay is good as well.

Two things:

1) There's not indication of 360 exclusivity.
2) Probably is running on PC, as any other video showing off this game.

Lets wait for E3 and some real footage on consoles.

raztad3399d ago (Edited 3399d ago )

I guess all those disagrees is because some 360 fans think this game is running on the 360. Funny, if so why you dont see any indication of that? in the likely gameplay segments you dont see any HUD. Finally why Capcom would want to hide this game is running on the 360 if they have been pretty supportive of it?

It doesnt make sense. Im almost sure this is the PC version. Not saying it cant be done on the 360 or anything. Just wait till you see real gameplay on the 360.

rockleex3398d ago

Darn you Capcom for choosing the Wii instead! >_<

Btw, Monster Hunter could have become an MMO for the HD consoles. Imagine the possibilities!

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green3399d ago

This game shows a jump in graphics each and every time capcom releases a new trailer, and it it still around 10 months away.For fu*ks sake, this game looks good.

360 man3399d ago

WOW is that running on xbox box 360

that looked like a CGI movie


Fishy Fingers3399d ago (Edited 3399d ago )

To be fair theres just as much chance that this is running on a PC, as thats the platform they've so far used to demo the game .

Either way, looks really really good. Engine has come a looooong way.

gambare3399d ago (Edited 3399d ago )

"360 man - 8 hours ago
4 -
WOW is that running on xbox box 360

that looked like a CGI movie


saying that about a multiplat game? I'm going to release a new that will make you cry in a few hours. if no one beat me in post it.

hehe.. xbox fanboys, they still think this title is xbox exclusive? they disagree but don't say why

iHEARTboobs3399d ago

I had a feeling it looked too good for consoles. But I hope i'm wrong. And if it is from the PC, that sucks. Game looks great though.

ShabzS3399d ago

currently all the demos that have been showcased are running on pcs... but it doesnt take the one fact away from it .... it looks f-ing good... hopefully their console versions will live up to it ..

really duh3399d ago (Edited 3399d ago )

Yep we already know the first gameplay was on the PC thats not proof that this is assuming it matters the devs said the game was running on the 360 too. For christ sakes the demo comes out in 3 days on XBL so stop it with the PC stuff the build we're seeing is a build for the 360 for sure regardless if they showed the 360 build running on PC.

" Our demo was run on PCs, though the team told us it was running on Xbox 360s back in the studio. Takeuchi told the group, "Right now we are concentrating on development for 360," before saying people should stay tuned for any potential announcements."

You guys are trying to make people believe this is the PC version being shown when they are only working on the 360 version right now.

This story has bad editing Capcom hinted that a PC version could make its way to PC's in the future at best. Capcom never announced a PC version.

Fishy Fingers3399d ago (Edited 3399d ago )

No, not at all. I'm I'm trying to suggest to the dude trying to bringing up the whole 360/PS3 rubbish, that the game as been shown on the PC up until now. There is no evidence this is either PC or 360 so I was merely pointing that fact out. The PC is the platform they have been using to show case the game.

"During a demonstration of the new game to various media writers Takeuchi pointed out the game was running on a PC."

The game is built on a PC.

360 man3399d ago (Edited 3399d ago )

its because they dont want to believe that the 360 is capable of such visuals

which is sad really, on how a $199 - $299 console can compete with the mighty be-jillion cored ps3 cell processor

really duh3399d ago (Edited 3399d ago )

I agree but his comment is a legit one, half of the comments trying to take away from the 360 by mentioning the PC are about PS3 vs 360 anyways.

"During a demonstration of the new game to various media writers Takeuchi pointed out the game was running on a PC."

The game is built on a PC"

^Yes the PC(+dev-kits) is used to develop console games and most of what we see of any game when devs are showcasing them in early stages are console builds of games from the PC. Few games get downgraded and most improve.

iHEARTboobs3399d ago

Well, I just hope it looks this good. The action looks fun as hell and everything looks to be running smooth.

Obama3398d ago

I just hope you don't kill yourself when it is announced to be multiplatform. Also uncharted 2 still looks better.

rockleex3398d ago (Edited 3398d ago )

Sure, it looked good in motion because of all the motion blur.

But pause it(I didn't even need to pause to notice) and you can clearly see the low quality textures and low amount of polygons, not enough details, lighting effects only look good when there's explosions, etc.

Also, the only part that looked CG was right at the beginning. Of course, that part didn't have much going on. All you saw was the sky, the blimp, and a couple buildings.

But of course, I'm not complaining. They have been able to make it look awesome despite all those setbacks. Just like Gears 2.

Remember what happened when people compared Gears 2 to Uncharted 1.


The point is that although Uncharted looked better than Gears 2, both were great games to play.

So again, no Lost Planet 2 doesn't prove it can stand against PS3 exclusives.

And what TRULY matters is if the game will be great or not!

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