Gran Turismo 5 Set for E3 Announcement

French gaming mag confirms Gran Turismo 5 to appear at E3.

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ultimolu3253d ago

*flails* ZOMG, ZOMG!

I really like Prologue so please release a date for GT5!

- Ghost of Sparta -3253d ago

Yeah I gotta clean this mess up brb.

ehkinoh3253d ago

I know there is a lot of debate on whether or not it's a good thing to add damage to GT5 (I personally welcome it with open arms).

Hopefully they will finally show some footage of the damage system along with a release date. Asking for anything more would make me feel greedy =P.

well... maybe a free Damage Patch DL for Prologue?! =)

Rhythmattic3253d ago

Ohh Aaa..

Maybe a download Patch for Prologue inc Damage, Time of day and Weather cycles !!

Vroooom , Vroooooooom.....

rockleex3253d ago

Demo GT5 live in front of audiences in 3D with real-time damage physics while the weather is changing!!! O_O

And then after that, they reveal that if you put your GT5P disc in your PS3 right now, you'll be prompted to download an update which includes all the mentioned above!!! >:D

UltimateIdiot9113253d ago

Can't wait, damage is fine but I hope they make it optional. Real time weather would be awesome though I doubt it probably update every 15 minutes.

Have you tried playing GT5P with a Logitech Driving Force GT? It's amazing but I have yet to own it.

Torch3253d ago

Yeah, I've been anxiously waiting for some GT5 news, as it's been waaay too quiet on the GT front lately. Hopefully they'll actually have a solid release date for us.

Wonder what happened to the GT5P damage patch that was promised for release last fall?

"Have you tried playing GT5P with a Logitech Driving Force GT? It's amazing but I have yet to own it."

Yeah, it is a nice little wheel indeed. I picked mine up about a month ago from Best Buy (for a cool $99!) specifically in anticipation for GT5's release. I highly recommend it, as it changes the entire gameplay.

cherrypie3253d ago

Forza 3 is a high probability too.

It will be a real blast to see them "head to head".

Black Maverick3253d ago

GT5 was announced at E3 and I...JIZZED IN MY PANTS!

Saigon3253d ago

I guess I am not the only one cleaning up a mess...

menoyou3253d ago

hell yea this is going to be awesome. we will finally see car damage im sure! i cant wait for this game

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Marty83703253d ago

The Damage Patch for GT5P. That would be awesome if true.

Skyreno3253d ago

OH MY GOD YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ptotoy3253d ago

hope there' also a relase date.. they should match to the release of forza3, jaggies galore racer

TruthandFreedom3253d ago

way from confirmed.

Especially since PD isn't on the E3 list of attendees.

Magazines generally have at least a month lead time to print so plans likely have changed.

PotNoodle3253d ago

PD are under sony computer entertainment, they wouldn't come individually.

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The story is too old to be commented.