Lost Planet 2 to be announced for PS3 at E3?

A reliable source close to Capcom has strongly hinted to PSU that Lost Planet 2 will be announced for the PlayStation 3 at next week's E3 convention.

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ThatCanadianGuy3404d ago

Eh? I thought it was already coming to PS3 no? Doesn't bother me to be honest.The first one was awful in my opinion.I don't have high hopes for the 2nd.

qface643404d ago

what im surprised about is why?
i mean no offense and all but what's the point of making an announcement like this at e3 especially for this game?

WildArmed3404d ago

another game to buy.. nah
imma wait till its in the greatest hits..
budget gaming ftw

I am Legend3404d ago

Or you could just rent.....that's what I'm doing.

Sarcasm3404d ago

The only thing that really bothered me from Lost planet 1 was the fact that it took you 5 seconds after you get knocked down, to be able to move your character again, just to be knocked down AGAIN over and over by the creature. Possibly the most frustrating part of that game.

Otherwise, I had fun with the mechs and shooting mechanics. The graphics were also very good at the time. The concept is fascinating but the story is average.

Judging from the lost planet 2 videos, the stupid falling for 5 seconds thing is still there. On PS3 or 360, I'm gonna just rent this one either way.

badz1493404d ago

as long as there is no dominant party in the HD gaming market, I doubt Capcom will make any of its game exclusive! they are seeing great sales for all their multiplats like DMC4, RE5, SF4...does anybody really expect that they will make an exclusive at this point of the time anymore? like...seriously? but LP2 on PS3 will have another 5GB install, that's for sure!

Panthers3404d ago

Dont be so quick to judge. KZ1 was not so highly thought of. But KZ2 was amazing. This is looking good, especially the co-op.

ThatCanadianGuy3404d ago

True.Killzone wasn't the best.

But they redeemed themselves with Killzone:Liberation.Than, moved onto Killzone 2.Not really a fair comparison.Still, hope Capcom puts the extra effort into it....And doesn't charge for DLC that should of been on the Disc.

theEnemy3404d ago

LP1 was not that bad, it was a great game though I didn't liked the multiplayer.

menoyou3404d ago

yup, the first one was ridiculously crappy. i dont care at all for the second one.

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Panthers3404d ago

Devils, dont want to sound like a fanboy, but Sony doesnt rely on 3rd partys to get the job done and this wont be their announcement at all. If anything it will be a Capcom announcement.

ThanatosDMC3404d ago

Make a sandwich during your initial load up the game is required too... i bet.

I love the first one since im a Armored Core fan... but i hated the sh!tty end fight of the first. I'm looking forward to this one but i really really really hope they fix the multiplayer. I hate waiting at the lobby for a long time only to play a round for three and a half minutes just to wait again in the lobby for people click ready or balance the teams... that was pure BS!

sniper-squeak3404d ago

let this sorta game stay "exclusive" to the 360

SL1M DADDY3404d ago

I would have given the first one about a 7 out of 10 on my games scale and so this one looks like it will be a solid rental for me. If it comes out on the PS3 then I will get it for that but if it is for the 360 only, I will rent it for that system. Makes no difference to me.

Saigon3404d ago

only if they improve the mechanics of the game...

Beast_Master3403d ago

I would have agreed with the first poster but after seeing the latest trailer and having the involvement of RE5's director, and the fact the co-op experiance will be so unique, I would have to say I am actually alot more pumped about this game than I was at first. I think after E3 there will be more people like me out there.

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Cajun Chicken3404d ago

Neat, the second one looks vastly improved.

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Why dis3404d ago

Fake this comes from the devs saying they have more to talk about at E3 when they announced there would be a demo on XBL

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