Kojima teaser site has hidden logos writes:

"The new Hideo Kojima teaser site has given us numerous hints at what they are, including flashes of Raiden, and what appears to be Big Boss and of course lots of numbers and letters. More recently, a mask logo appears at the bottom right, allowing you to visit this age gated site labeled, 'Mask'.

But how many of you have actually noticed the flying logos that appear in 1-2 frame intervals? We have attempted to capture a few of these, although they are very hard to grab. One of them appear to be a 'Windows' logo, or perhaps a beret insignia, such as the one Big Boss is wearing."

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TruthandFreedom3335d ago

There is a game coming.

Kojima is involved.

That is ALL we need to know until E3.

Gambit073335d ago

A windows logo in that rain? what will they think of next!?

lociefer3335d ago

also if u look really really close in the sky u can see bill gates humpin a monkey while playing mgs4 on 360

bnaked3335d ago

that all is bullsh!t..

these "Logos" are just grafic flaws! more not!

rockleex3335d ago (Edited 3335d ago )

Not working right now... -_-"

Don't tell me its too flooded with people. O_O

Edit: Btw, this is the new teaser Kojima just released!!

ChampIDC3335d ago

I saw the quick flashes they were talking about, but I just assumed it was a graphical glitch. They always looked like rectangles to me.

Downtown boogey3335d ago

Just graphical hiccups as someone above already said

rockleex3335d ago

It now has the full mask without the cracks and scars.

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KaBaW3335d ago (Edited 3335d ago )

This whole thing is getting on my nerves.. Lol.
I just wanna know what it is!

redsquad3335d ago

Yeah, I'm getting very cheesed off with all this speculation. I'm waiting for the official announcement before reading (or clicking on) anything else.
It's not even a case of "if you don't like it, ignore it". You CAN'T ignore it - It's bloomin' everywhere!!!!!

infamouz3335d ago

How bout this coud it be that blonde female from the BB Corp...Laughing Octopus...she has that same hair style plus i think her eyes are that same brown color from what i can tell from MGS4 Art book....

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The story is too old to be commented.