Lesbians And Gays In Gaming

As gaming grows into a more mature artistic medium, elements of the "real world" that were once completely separate from games are creeping in, so make room for the gays and lesbians, everyone!

Whether gamers like it or not, the issue of how to treat the gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans-gendered community in games is quickly becoming an area of controversy.

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Winter47th3402d ago (Edited 3402d ago )

All I care while gaming online is that you keep your sexual preference and political views out, frankly nobody cares of you're into co**s, if you bring that up you're asking for nothing but trouble.

I don't like gays, that is my right as much as it is 'arguably' theirs, but it doesn't necessarily mean I can't live in the same planet with them, today they legalize gayness, tomorrow they'll do the same for pedophilia, the excuse'll be the same "hey the boy loves the man so what it's consensual!" shadowing under excuses such as Freedom, Love & the Constitution, it's sad how degenerating things turned into. There is a poetic reason why in our species there is no third kind to a man and a woman.

Who the ***** doesn't love women! THEY'RE BEAUTIFUL! worth fighting for. Just don't forget words such as dignity, the weight and responsibility of being a 'man'.