BioWare Dates Dragon Age

BioWare has given Dragon Age: Origins an official release date.

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Zhuk3402d ago (Edited 3402d ago )

I can't wait to play the premium version of this AAA title on Xbox 360 with the best graphics, features and controls exclusively for the Xbox 360 platform. Rumours are also persistent that Bioware wants to give Xbox 360 exclusive DLC content, I applaud Bioware's loyalty to the Xbox 360 ecosystem.

Myst3402d ago (Edited 3402d ago )

This is a game that I must have, loved playing Baulders Gate's especially when I had a friend playing also. The only challenge now is whether I will get it for Playstation 3 or PC, even though I noticed it's just single player still deciding on which play controls I may enjoy more. I've gotten used to the six-axis so I may get that one.

A release date of October 20th. Hmm, same month as Demon's Souls supposed release date according to gamestop of October 6th. So that gives me 14 days to beat Demon's Souls and jump into this game, 15 if you count the release date.

housegroove763402d ago (Edited 3402d ago )

Im torn between getting the PS3 or PC version myself. As much as I want to get it for the PS3, the modder and level creator in me is telling me to get the PC version.

I dont know if they've announced the SDK or creation tools for the PC version but I'm sure there will be one. Hopefully they'll go the UT3 route and let PS3 users upload PC made mods.

Tony P3402d ago

Bioware will release a tool set. The official Dragon Age forums already has an area set up for modders to discuss. :D

free2game3653401d ago

If it's anything like UT3, most of the mods and maps used for the PC version wont even work with the PS3, or be very downgraded.

Xof3402d ago

Nice. That's a bit earlier than I'd thought it would be, but still later than I'd hoped. It's a damned shame the PC version was pushed back.

Also: it's NOT the spiritual successor to Baldur's Gate. It's being billed as one, and it might be one, but we won't know 'till we play it.

And unless we can clock in 100+ hours in a well-writter storyline with immensely likable characters and multiple endings, it won't even come close.

Gamer_Politics3402d ago

i wont be buying this game because the combat looks point and click...

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