Raiden Finally Appears On Kojima's Teaser Website

Raiden's (or an unknown characters) face finally appears on Kojima's teaser website along with new letters and numbers like 6, C, O, P.

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makyengo3402d ago

I was wondering when someone was going to write about this. I wonder what the 6, C, O, P stand for? Anyone care to take a guess?

7ero H3LL3402d ago (Edited 3402d ago )

well this is what i saw (no joke), E3, PS3, PC, 360, and PSP i also saw a "5" "R" "e" and "E".

i could make print screens to show proof.

(also the "5" could be an "S" as well, it could go both ways )

jwatt3402d ago

Yea I posted I saw the same thing and got two disagrees also. I think it's the pc and 360 that's causing the disagrees.

Why dis3402d ago (Edited 3402d ago )

You thought so in another article and got 30 disagrees too. I just hope people won't wan't to end their lives like they did with Final Fantasy 13

@1.1 this was seen *before* the latest teaser site update.

I was saying a few days ago the countdown finale isn't confirmation of this new game in a series which is known to be a playstation series is coming to the PS3. The end of the countdown and whats revealed then is the finale. Meaning we know the game is being teased from Playstation media and thats made apparent yet the true purpose of this hype tactic isn't revealed yet.

7ero H3LL3402d ago (Edited 3402d ago )

is uh anybody looking to see for them selves.

(to my previous comment) anyone can take what i just said and say that i'm flaming, lol why am i not surprised, well these ARE what has been presented.

5 (could be an S) ,6 ,C ,O (could be a 0) ,P ,E ,e ,3, and a R.

now make something with that.

zoneofenders3402d ago

plz read the interview on Famitsu............
as far as i know, P has nothing to do with platform. and 3 6 0 werent mentioned in the interview so we are not sure. but since the FAMITSU XBOX dont even get this interview, i would say the chance is pretty least in Japan.

Mystery3402d ago

I don't think it's 360 or PS3 at all. I think the 6 and 3 represent 6/3, or June 3rd. That's the date of the Konami conference.

jwatt3402d ago

6/3 yea that could be it but I think Konami purposely did that to mess with us.

Dir_en_grey3402d ago

The updated letters already showed up in the Famitsu interview:

Shows the pics on the first 2 pages, click on the pick to zoom.

7ero H3LL3402d ago (Edited 3402d ago )

to (zoneofenders)

right well, i'm not in the mood here to start a flame war, i saw a bunch of letters and numbers and tried to make them fit.

all these numbers and letters could make platforms and titles, it could also be just a little game that kojima is trying to pull on everyone.

who knows, kojima probably might not show ALL the letters so that no one would solve the puzzle.....if that's true then people should just stop racking their brains and just watch it unfold.

zoneofenders3402d ago

i said 3 6 0 were not mentioned in the interview. kojima didnt talk anything about 3 6 0. he did talk about P, which seems have nothing to do with platform.

i would normally agree with you without reading the interview and the scan of Famitsu XBOX and Famitsu PS.

Dir_en_grey3402d ago (Edited 3402d ago )

Here's the Kojima Productions Podcast which probably most of you missed.

They were just throwing things out there to see how people react.
Which will probably give them an idea of what people really want.

Japanese podcast also up, for those who are interested.
From this podcast, Kojima said the meaning to all the hidden letters in the Famitsu interview will ultimately be explained if you go to

zoneofenders3402d ago

well, in the interview kojima seems already have a pretty good idea about the story. he toss raiden and big boss out to see people's reaction. he wanted to hear things like "WTH? is this Time slip? that would be silly!""this must be XXXXXXXX, no matter what""well, it might be XXXXXX as well"
and the editor ask him will there be people who can figure it out.
kojiama said yes.
the editor said it must be really hard to figure X out.
kojima said he want people to use their imagination.

however so far, i havnt seen a sigle person came up with a credible theory yet. so i guess kojima overestimated his fans LOL

phosphor1123402d ago (Edited 3402d ago )

R --> Raiden?
P --> Playstation?
E,3,e --> E3expo
O --> Olga? (1)

Raiden??? --> Looks similar..but thats NOT him.
Big Boss - post MGS3 (due to eyepatch)

(1) From Razmossis
Notes that Raiden did not look like that. In the picture, there is
a)barcode - middle of forehead
b)"eye patch" - covers bullet hole from headshot?
c) BROWN eyes, Raiden's eyes are blue.
d) Sunny's eyes are brown (same shade)

From Blackmoses
Sunny to Raiden --> Weather changed from sunny, to stormy.


rockleex3402d ago (Edited 3402d ago )

As if its been cut open before.

Edit: Zombie/Frankenstein Raiden game!!! O_O

Just kidding. :P

phosphor1123402d ago

It has to be this. It's fitting together, Kojima isn't one to end someones story so quick, in this case, it was Olga's..she just DIED..even Cyborg Ninja came back from Zanzibar to finally have a decent closing!!

watashi hideo kojima3402d ago (Edited 3402d ago )

Corpse Boss(remanufactured) and Bigg Boss...What the hell is Mask?
C-o-r-p-s-e ... E-3... 6-3.(2009)

DevastationEve3402d ago (Edited 3402d ago )

i'm having a hard time trying to picture that person with breasts.

look at his/her width of the neck, that's so muscular for a female.

rockleex3402d ago (Edited 3402d ago )

Wow, you could be right about the corpse part!!

C-O-R-P-S-e ... E-3... 6/3/09

These are ALL the letters that have shown up so far... except for the "9", maybe.

Seems to be leading to that zombie game I've been talking about.

rockleex3402d ago

Well its a cyborg. Just look at the FROGS from MGS4 for example, they had HUGE thighs.

Anyways, even "regular" women have big necks too. :P

phosphor1123402d ago

I don't think thats it.

Her eyes are blue, I still think its Olga. Hers were brown.

watashi hideo kojima3402d ago (Edited 3402d ago )

i watched the teaser in sequence and the first six letters are c-o-r-p-s-e that can make corpse as i said.which refers to the BOSS.Then E-3 and 6-3.We might see the 9 soon.i am not sure tho.i enjoy whatever Kojima does tho.even playig with the Boss that looks like Raiden.;)

rockleex3402d ago

I meant to say that I agree with his statement about the letters making out the word "corpse".

As for who's corpse it is, I don't know and I won't take a guess. ^_^

Jink3402d ago

That's not Raiden. Its Frank Jaeger from "Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake" and 'Metal Gear Solid.' The reason for the resemblance of his Cyborg Ninja appearance to Raiden's in MGS4 is basically because they both were finished construction by Dr. Drago Pettrovich Madnar. He designed different MG-types and Frank Jaeger's exo cydorg ninja body. In MGS4 he was mentioned to have helped Raiden with his cyborg body. He looks like Einstein.

This is the proof that this new Kojima game, is going to be a remake the old-original "Metal Gear" from MSX and possibly combined with "MG2: Solid Snake" also from MSX.

hay3402d ago

You can aswell set CPR or POS from the letters, and it doesn't mean we'll be playing as MGS paramedic sitting behind the codec and getting the calls once in a while and the game will be terrible at the same time...

KaBaW3402d ago

"Her eyes are blue, I still think its Olga. Hers were brown."
I don't get what you are saying.. Who's that in the photo?

phosphor1123402d ago (Edited 3402d ago )

@ Jink first
I really dont think thats him. Even if graphics allow more detail, I don't think they will portray an old character in a completely different way. Also Jaeger had a lower jaw, and his RIGHT eye was messed up, not his left. Not to mention a 1000 ton robot crushed him. Even if it was before solid snake, the details aren't consistent what so ever.

@ KaBaw
Responding to Rockleex, he was thinking it was a remade The Boss, just like how Cyborg Ninja was made..but if he thinks that's the Boss (from MGS3), it can't be right. In the pic above, the Boss has blue eyes.

I think its Olga from MGS2. Here is why I think it is..
a) Olga was shot in the head. Possibly the eye (picture link at bottom)
b) Jaeger (cyborg ninja) didn't have a barcode
c) Raiden has blue eyes (rules him out)
d) Arched eye brows
e) I'm pretty sure Olga had brown eyes...Sunny, her daughter has brown eyes as well
f) For part of the game, Olga was the Ninja..coincidence?
g) Olga did not have a fitting ending..Kojima never lets a main character go without a story.

I kindly ask for more bubbles too =]. I'd hate to try to carry on a convo with 1 more bubble >_<.

hay3402d ago

Maybe she's one of the new mass-produced cyborg ninjas after Raiden's success. Maybe the Snake in the picture is another attempt to clone Big Boss?
Damn, I got hooked in into hype machine. Better wait for E3.

locos853402d ago

That picture isn't Olga Gurlukovich. Thats EVA or Big Mama from MGS3.

QSPR3402d ago

that's The Boss!! she make Big Boss.

locos853402d ago

You sir are correct. That is the Boss.

phosphor1123402d ago

I know thats the Boss, I was saying the picture of "raiden" on the teaser site...isn't Raiden..isn't a recreated version of the Boss as a cyborg, and isn't Frank Jaeger. It's a female, 100% sure.

The picture from the teaser site has brown eyes.
+The Boss has blue eyes
+Raiden has blue eyes (no bar code)
+Jaeger had 1 eye..but it was HIS right eye that was messed up, not his left..not to mention blue eyes.

So I came to the conclusion that it's Olga. Olga (im pretty sure) had brown eyes, amost white blonde hair, and was also for a short time the ninja in MGS2.

The thing that doesn't make sense though is why would Big Boss be in the teaser? Those two are from different time frames. Olga got shot around the 90's (if i remember the timeline correct), and Big Boss was part of the Cold War conflict (1950s), which is when he lost his eye. By the time Olga died, Big Boss gained a good 40-50 years on top of his already 20 odd years, leaving him into the 70 year range.

hay3402d ago

It looks feminine. It must be!... Gay Fox!

"Discover your true self in MGS5!"

I love video games3401d ago

its not raiden its the boss. she comes back to battle big boss, hence both the faces!!!!! i just wanted to make an outragous claim so that if im right i can dance naked in the moon light with some midget strippers

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qface643402d ago (Edited 3402d ago )

you know what im convinced that's raiden when you look at things i mean i doubt they would resurrect olga a character that was never even popular
not to mention that's the same armor from mgs4 raiden also anyone ever stop to think that it could just be an updated look for raiden

also there's a storm going on with LIGHTNING raiden is the lightning

not to mention raiden never was the most manly looking guy around

also im tired of guessing

pixelsword3402d ago (Edited 3402d ago )

1. He's missing his lower jaw
2. his shoulder has red and blue= just like the ninja in MGS

and what rockleex said. Gray Fox was constructed because he got killed.

This IS the 1995 Era where Big Boss fights Solid Snake... or before.

So I think this story will be between

Now I wonder if Gray Fox is Raiden's Father because Raiden was born and raised in Africa and Outer Haven is also in Africa.

Seeing that he was jacked-over to the point he needed the suit in the first place, but Fox would have to be in some transition stage; and that would put the events around 1995...

I know that is big boss because of the outer haven logo on the beret.

I wonder if there's a connection with that earlier April Fool's joke?

rockleex3402d ago

And a barcode.

His eyebrows also look more feminine than usual.

qface643402d ago

i just realized gray fox never had a bar code or bullet holes on his face in MGS

Sarcasm3402d ago

"1. He's missing his lower jaw "

Raiden is also missing his lower jaw.

I'm gonna go with Raiden cyborg clones!

pixelsword3402d ago (Edited 3402d ago )

i still don't think Raiden was missing his lower jaw Sarcasm; But I think I'm wrong on that one. I thought I distinctly remember seeing his lower lip in the cutscenes when he spoke, but he probably didn't.

Sarcasm3402d ago


Clearly, that's raiden without his lower jaw.

Here's some food for thought, Raiden wears the same suit or something similar as the FROGS. The origins of the FROGS were never revealed in MGS4.

Perhaps what we see is a FROG clone just without the mask.

pixelsword3402d ago (Edited 3402d ago )

I can do one better:

Yeah, he didn't; I still don't think he's Raiden because Kojima loves to repeat patterns in his games: Snake's patch versus Big Boss' patch, the five main bosses with some theme, Ramen noodles... you know. :D

bigboss9113402d ago (Edited 3402d ago )

that is raiden plain and simple. its after he is transformed into a ninja. everyone is bent out of shape trying to figure it out and not think about what you are posting
hear is a pic of Raiden (gasp) do you see the red and blue? its not grey fox, its Raiden end of story.
EDIT: Frank doesnt even look like that. its raiden. what is with you people and greyfox? Not Olga(bullet through brain) not sunny (if anything she will replace otacon) not Greyfox (crushed by rex and the blood loss alone would kill him) Who said the image of raiden and bigboss is related at all. quit trying to make your impossible theories as fact.

pixelsword3402d ago (Edited 3402d ago )

Nope. Gray Fox.

Gray Fox lost his eye, not Raiden. Besides, how could they replace 97% of Raiden's body in MGS4 and do such a piss-poor job patching him up in MGS5? That doesn't even make sense.

The "concept art" you are looking at is irrelevant: The color schemes on the shoulder are REVERSED between Gray Fox and Raiden:


Gray Fox:

Big Boss wore a Beret with some logo that looks like Outer Haven's. Snake never wore a beret.

Big Boss also wore his hair slightly longer than Snake did like that photo on Kojima's site, plus Big Boss' hair was a little mangier when he was younger. Snake kept his hair pretty well kept.

Big Boss and Gray Fox.

Sarcasm3402d ago

Actually, upon further inspection of the EYE BROWS. Those eye brows are finely plucked like a woman's. Looking at Raiden's pictures, Raiden have regular male eye brows.

This is definitely not Raiden. Unless Raiden decided to start plucking his eye brows.

pixelsword3402d ago

I can't remember... so many games they kinda blur at some points; but as far as that guy looking like a woman, that's uh, a little strange... hm; maybe it could be the boss but huh... it kinda still looks like a man to me though.

Dir_en_grey3402d ago (Edited 3402d ago )

Just wanted to say something on behalf of The Boss.
She didn't have a funeral because she died as a traitor to her country, for her country, but nobody was supposed to know.
She only had a tombstone with no name, which Naked Snake went to.

*Solutes to The Boss... in memory of a patriot who saved the world...

Jink3402d ago

...that's Frank Jaeger. The tiny details like bar codes and loss jaw skin are simply art style adaptations due the improvement of graphics.

Dr. Drago Pettrovich Madnar work on finishing construction on both Frank Jaeger (in MS2:SS) and Raiden (in MGS4). That's the reason for the similarities.

And I think that the bandanna that the Cyborg Ninja has in Kojima's mystery picture is Solid Snake's bandanna. We will probably see when Frank gives it to Snake.

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George Sears3402d ago (Edited 3402d ago )

Really hope it's Gray Fox.

Gray Fox >>>>>>> Raiden

If they show a younger Roy, then I'm convinced this is all but a sequel to Portable Ops on a home console.

qface643402d ago

you know what that would make sense since they already showed big boss

only thing im wondering about is why would gray fox have this armor on wouldn't really make sense when you think about it

George Sears3402d ago

You are correct but having an armor like superficial suit like that would just entice his overall persona as a ninja. Many characters have used different types of suits in this game. Weather it's Solidus' Ray like artificial muscle suit or Snakes Octocamo, it all has a purpose, to give them the extra edge in battle.

joeymp3402d ago

HOOOLLLLYYY CRAP!!!!!!! I think I might have figured it out! Remember how people thought that the "P" and "R" standed for "Project Raiden". Well I think Project Raiden is a project being conducted by someone, idk, and it has to do with producing robotic versions of Raiden. That would explain the bar code and screws on his head, and why his eyes were red. Maybe you will play as this "new" clone of big boss and try to defeat the evil Raidens and who ever is doing this.

However I would really like a game were you would play as Raiden, "Cyborg Ninja Action!"

Sarcasm3402d ago

I think you may be onto something, Raiden cyborg clones! And keeping in mind, the doctor who created Raiden was never seen in MGS4. I'm pretty sure this story is definitely going to be about the 4-5 year gap from MGS2 to MGS4. I mean come on, that's a HUGEEEEEEE gap in the story.

jacaranda3402d ago

Or maybe that's The Boss!!

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Why dis3402d ago (Edited 3402d ago )

The remaining countdowns will reveal the same numbers and characters shown in the interview in Famitsu before the teaser update. What are those tiles or scales falling in the direction of the rain that phase in and out?

I wonder if this is the rumored Metal Gear Rising game people have been going on about. The dev did say Konami's E3 will go out with a bang.

Sony Rep3402d ago

hahaha. no.

A movie remember? useless speculation and you don't belong here.

makyengo3402d ago

Well, it hasn't really been confirmed that the guy with the eye patch really is Big Boss. In the Kojima interview, he simply just calls him the "Old Man". @qface64, it might also be an updated look for Null aka Gray Fox.

qface643402d ago (Edited 3402d ago )

yeah but im saying it wouldn't make sense why would null all of a sudden have armor on when he didn't get it until after what happened in outer heaven

mainly that jaw part it just reminds me or raiden allot