Batman Arkham Asylum: Joker Trailer

Within the confines of Arkham, the Joker revels in the insanity around him! In this exclusive trailer, we debut the playable Joker in action.

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- Ghost of Sparta -3404d ago (Edited 3404d ago )

Nice, looking forward to playing as The Joker exclusively on my PlayStation 3.

Torkith3404d ago

yeah, I haven't been too hyped for this game, but I've recently been watching trailers and I haven't been giving the game much credit. It actually looks really. Especially with the Joker for PS3, not entirely sold yet, but getting closer.

OhReginald3404d ago

F**** S***....thats all i have to say....oh and EXCLUSIVELY ON THE PLAYSTATION 3!!!

HA even joker rubs it in the 360 fans faces....

Rich16313404d ago

This game is shaping up to be one hell of title, but I still have a rough time with anyone other than Heath Ledger as the Joker, Christ, he nailed it so perfectly. The greasy hair, the raspy voice, the lip licking twitch, the walking was so incredible watching him in The Dark Knight. Such a shame, he never got to see what a phenomenal job he did. One of the best performances ever, I just sort of hate how the developers went for a more cartoony/less serious/goofball Joker than the sadistic freak the new filmmakers went for, I liked their vision better.

Unicron3404d ago

If you were a fan of the Timm/Dini-verse, The Animated Series,well... Mark Hamil's Joker was an icon for pretty much all of the 90s. His Joker had the iconic laugh while still being sadistic. I love Heath's portrayal, but Joker from TAS will always be tops for me.

akaFullMetal3404d ago

can't wait for this, tried the demo at a local gamestop, the combat was really fun and fluid.

tiamat53404d ago

Yes! Want this. Screw Prototype. Let this be a good game so I can be the Dark Knight and Kick asylum guard butt with Joker.

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