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Submitted by techie 3239d ago | screenshot

New Scans of Folks Soul

Here are some new scans of the PS3 game Folks Soul:Forgotten Legend from the Japanese magazine Famitsu. (Folks Soul: The Lost Folklore, PS3)

neogeo  +   3239d ago
Looks great
I don;t know anything about this game, but I do like a good RPG. there are not enough these days.
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Bigmac573  +   3239d ago
Looks nice, good find!
The more (good) games, the better.
kewlkat007  +   3239d ago
what makes this game good all the sudden?
techie  +   3239d ago
some people think it's good, some don't. It's called having an opinion and being subjective. i think some of it looks cool...some of it not so sure about.
consolewar  +   3239d ago
it does looks cool....
but we dont know if it's anygood. And if it's gonna be realease on 2010. Bigmac is a fantroll. BTW DeepB how come you always defend Sony trolls and their statements, but you always disagree with themart? I wonder why.?
techie  +   3239d ago
nah i don't always defend sony trolls. I wasn't defending bigmac...I was just saying some think it sounds good...others don't...I am undecided myself. Shadowgamer and I have "encounters". So who am i defending dude? Please enlighten me. I often disgree with themart...not sure if I always will. Depends on what he says dude.
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shysun  +   3239d ago
Never heard of this before.Looks good though.
kewlkat007  +   3239d ago
Thanks Consolewar
Well thats what I was reffering to Deepbrown.

There is a difference in looking "good" and and being a "good" game don't you think? There was no need to defend Bigmac..

Yes I like these scans, but I wasn't like "Whoa another Fantastic, Superdelicious game for Sony. Yup thats another one"..
Ya know every game for PS3 is (great) these days...even early scans.

This looks like an RPG mixed with something else...
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Vojkan  +   3239d ago
Guys this game is first and foremost created for Japanese market and helping PS3 sell more units there.
We(westerners) will have Lair, H.Sword and those kinds of games that will not sell well in Japan(Asia). That's the way things works.

Of course this game will be released in West that is sure but like i said this game is mostly made for Japanese and helping Sony there
Figboy  +   3239d ago
i saw some videos of this game in action, and it did look like fun.

it wasn't even a blip on my radar before i saw the 1up guys talking about it after the TGS show last year.

visually, it's stunning, and the gameplay, at the least, has me installed.

it's a little bit Pokemon (in that you have different creatures that will fight for you), and it's a little big Ghostbusters (in order to capture the creatures, you have to use the SIXAXIS to suck out their souls. it was very reminiscent of the Ghostbusters rangling a ghost into the trap).

i'm hoping a demo of sorts will pop up before release, but i'm keeping my eye on this title, at least periphially. there's some bigger games coming out this year that i'll probably spend my dough on, but i'm going to make sure that these smaller, but potentially sleeper titles don't get ignored (remember Mercenaries? that was a sleeper hit if ever there was one).
Sevir04  +   3239d ago
well this looks good, and we still dont know much about it
But whats funny to me is, everytime i see games like this with high end Color and vivatious lighting, the likes of Rachet, and Genji2 from a visual stantpoint i just laugh because this is truely testiment that the ps3 is capable of showing plenty of color and vibrance. and totally disbands that ever so popular clishe 360 fan kids through aroumd. "the ps3's colors and shaders are so washed out and lach vibrance, yet Games that has been given graphical praise on the Xbox360 from a 3rd party developer even see to do more with it's port on the ps3, al FNR3 and the NEWLY Released Xbox360 port oblivion which both look better on a ps3. and then games like Virtua fighter who's graphics and textures are both mind blowing and incredible... i think what fanbois need to realise is that it's all about the talent that behind a Game and also the style of art the talent desides to use for that game. So many of you people say MGS4 looks green and washed out and looks cartoony and dirty, yet official and many of the xbox360 fans want that game and call it grapghically impressive even more so than Gears. developers who make a game are the ones who give us that weak watered down washed out shyt. and it's only because they want to make fast cash which is way i love exclusives because it's specially tailored to the Console with it's strenghth and limitations in mind, so optimization for one platform rather than not try and set a standard subaverage to average visual and physical standard to pass as something they can make quick cash on is what the developers are doing and i think they should be skewered for that because they are basically throwing us Dog food, and expect us to eat it. and you know what many of us do, Myself included... but thats for the same reason why i stay away from game makers like EA especially them. I never played FN or NFS, or the millions of madden rehashes thats been released and certainly never the gazillion other mutlishytform sport titles that left from their studio. same with UBisoft. though i will probably end up playing AC it wont be a game i buy right away because of it's now about to be down grade nature, what was onced promised to be a game optimized for ps3 is now just another watered down multiplatform game that shows bettwer than average visuals but not true beauty that both MS xbox360 and sony ps exclusives have. if you look at what i'm saying with the likes of FFXIII, Gears of war, Grand turismo 5, Halo 3, Heavenly sword, Forza 2, motorstorm, Gears of war, Lost planet, Lair, uncharted, blue dragon, lost odessey, PGR4, Ninja gaiden Sigma, Bioware which is a timesd exclusive i believe anyway. and Masseffect and Too human, MGS4 and White knight story. those games are all made for and tailored to a console. that should be the reason why we should be happy to be gamers not this oh multishytformer games looks better on the 360 bs, b/c at the end of the day most if not 95 percent of the multiplatformer games that are released are all sub average to average, Mideocre hogwash crap that sucks both viually and gameplay wise, very rare is it do you get gems from multiplatformers. with DMC4 and AC's becoming and RE5 becoming one of those potential gems when they release.
daomay  +   3239d ago
you are a 100% right
Bhai  +   3239d ago
Aside from great visuals, art-style and possibilities of gameplay...
...I think another reason that this game has an appeal is because of its horror-detective like approach. Such a thing is a blend of Castlevania, Forbidden Siren and Rule of Rose like approach. It results in a soothing and calm gameplay and almost insane world-exploration. As we know that there are around 6 individual and totally different 'themes' of the worlds in this game, exploration and enjoyment from each is a must.

That vegetation and those flowers are just SWEEET !!!

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