GT: Mass Effect 2 E3 09: Exclusive Teaser HD

Did Shepard die? Is s/he a Geth now? Who knows, but take comfort in the reality that GTTV is bringing you the E3 teaser you don't want to miss.

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Bnet3433369d ago

I saw it on TV. I knew they wouldn't kill him off. :)

DarthTigra 3369d ago

So did I,I'm getting this day one. Other then a Kojima or Kotor game this is the only game that I know i'm getting no matter what.

I am Legend3369d ago

Mass Effect 2...Halo ODST...Modern Warfare 2...and Splinter Cell.....I'm getting first day. I never bought the first ME......but I rented the SH## out of it.

N4sonyfanboys3369d ago

this game will rock your socks straight off

Megatron083369d ago

I need to play through me1 game again soon. That being said the game looks great. Its also another AAA exclusive for the 360

SaberEdge3369d ago

Mass Effect is THE best RPG I have ever played and they are improving so much for the sequel. It is going to be a mind blowing experience. E3 can't come soon enough.

--Long live Bioware--

callahan093369d ago

I can't wait to play this game. The first one was cool. If they can improve the load times, fix the graphical glitches, and lend a bit more variety to each of the side-story planets, they'll have a 10 out of 10 from me. But even if they fix nothing and simply provide more of the same, I'll still buy it and love it.

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GUNS N SWORDS3369d ago

look at that, it's smooth and the gameplay has been enhanced, what more could any mass effect fan could possibly want.

there's just no way 360's going down when it's got one of the best and highly anticipated WRPG out there.

SaberEdge3369d ago

The 360 has a lot of fantastic stuff coming. Don't let the radical PS3 fanboys get you down.

You are right though, Mass Effect 2 is one of biggest games on the horizon and I have no doubt that it will be amazing.

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jwatt3369d ago

I like the song, it sounds like the one from the terminator salvation trailer.

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The story is too old to be commented.