G4TV E3 2009 Predictions: (E)3 Thoughts - Raymond Padilla, Managing News Editor

G4TV writes: "Three Most Anticipated Games:

1. Heavy Rain -- It's been one of my missions to get TheFeed's readers hyped for this game. I'm a huge fan of Quantic Dream and I absolutely adored its last game, Indigo Prophecy. While it's not a sequel to Indigo, Heavy Rain is the spiritual successor to the game. I don't think I've played a game with that style of storytelling done so well. I expect to be dazzled by a melange of deep storytelling, interactive gameplay, brilliant music, and (unlike Indigo Prophecy) gorgeous visuals. Although I question the real release date of this title, it is, by far, the game I want the most. Excellent wine, lovely cheese, and fantastic games from Quantic Dream -- I just might move to France!"

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OGharryjoysticks3340d ago

the "melange of deep storytelling, interactive gameplay, brilliant music, and gorgeous visuals" is where video games should be headed. From my understanding this isn't going to be gameplay in a traditional sense, but that's great. I hope to see the vide game industry succeed in more of a movie type approach like this.