Kojima's Mask is Lords of Shadow

Examiner: Tonight Hideo Kojima released another teaser page for an upcoming game. Though the teaser page is titled "Mask", the game isn't of the same name. It's the teaser for Lords of Shadow. I have on good authority from a reliable source that this is the Lords of Shadow teaser page. Konami and Kojima will reveal the game prior to E3, but Kojima will announce development details and more at E3 next week.

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akenny013371d ago

OMG !! Really, FFS!!! So whats up with the hole famitsu leak of Raiden/Sunny , and big boss , W T F :(

MattyF3371d ago

Different teaser. Kojima will showcase a MGS title and LoS at E3.

Mainman3370d ago

"Kojima's Mask is Lords of Shadow"

I doubt it. You also see the mask on the MGS5 Next teaser page. Look at the bottom right, the Kojima productions logo morphs into the mask.

Nitrowolf23370d ago

yah but that doesnt mean its a different game. It could be on there to show he is working on more then one project

Beast_Master3370d ago

Perhaps 1 exclusive for Sony and 1 for Microsoft or Nintendo? There is a rumor that Sony locked up a big time 3rd party exclusive. I wonder if it was Kojima? which one would you want, Metal Gear or his next project? They chose Rockstar's new IP over GTA, so who knows.

DominusRebellis3369d ago

What this video game industry needs is a next-gen stealth ninja game. One that surpasses Tenchu in every way. Think about it. Ninjas and the Samurai are part of Japanese culture, at least they were, why can't they make a realistic game about that? I'd eat it up...and it would be so refreshing instead of every game using guns and bombs etc.

Live in the shadows...die in the shadows

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akenny013371d ago

@ MattyF

I hope so, but On the teaser for ( mg ) you see the mask on it also

MattyF3371d ago (Edited 3371d ago )

I know. What a better way to hype another title than to hype it via the next MGS teaser page? Kojima will introduce LoS at E3. Kojima has been advising the game for a while now.

Also notice the mask slowly comes into play on the MGS site. It's just a small way to get people to the LoS. Viral marketing strategy.

akenny013371d ago

I Can only hope, Ah well, we will have to wait til e3
Fingers crossed now ! :D

Kojima = tease of the century

gamesblow3371d ago

Wrong... God I wish I could speak out about what the game"S" really are right now. I can tell you this, it's not MGS and it's not LOS.

It's something you all know well and for most of us, grew up on.

pwnsause3371d ago

snatcher? am i getting hot? or cold?

Homicide3371d ago

I was thinking of Snatcher too.

MattyF3371d ago

Snatcher will be coming. But this isn't the teaser for it.

akenny013371d ago

oh, Snatcher had masks like this ? and Raiden (Greyfox/Sunny) Ninja Masks/suits and big boss masks did it?

Obama3371d ago

So snatcher is ps3 exclusive? :D

Obama3371d ago

It's actually castlevania am I correct?

Fishy Fingers3370d ago

"It's something you all know well and for most of us, grew up on. "

Breast milk?

pippoppow3370d ago

Playing snatcher right now. Just went to first suspects apartment. such a good game. Would be nice if a new version came out. Maybe have flying when traveling to different locations with battles sometimes along the way. Also when fighing enemies on the ground it changes to a 3d 3rd person fighting screen. All this while still mainting the feel and look of the original.

Kratos193370d ago

How could it not be MGS? It's virtually confirmed to be a new MGS.

kingOVsticks3370d ago

Breast milk is a good theory but heres another one

We all grew up on Sesame street correct?

there is an S in Sesame Street I think

What about all the random #s you(the people of n4g) ask?

The Count! He always spouts random #s! The Count is a Vampire!

Castlevania confirmed...

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joeymp3370d ago (Edited 3370d ago )

We already know that this mask thing has to do with the whole MGS, Next, Raiden thing. As you can see from this picture the mask fits Raidens face perfectly. Also Lords of Shadows is not even being made by Kojima Productions, its just being produced by Konami.

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