Toronto Thumbs: Crimson Gem Saga Review

Jamie Love: "These elements of choice are what kept me invested. While there have been some daunting encounters, the game exhibits a learning curve that should help a wider audience embrace it. When combined with the depth of visual details and outright labour of love sensation that surrounds the title, the most refreshing quality of Crimson Gem Saga is the long-term value it offers players. It's always a gamble deciding how to balance the idea of time investment in an RPG – the point at which I argue that it's worth grinding a path through the game based on the later rewards – but Crimson Gem Saga is almost a vacation from that stress, and I have no problem confessing that reviewing RPGs is stressful for that very reason. Fortunately it shouldn't take very long for any player to discover the myriad of qualities that make this title a potentially understated but nevertheless rewarding experience."

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