Disruptive Thinking: How Sony (or Microsoft) Can Impact the Console War

From There's little doubt the Nintendo Wii has "won" the sales battle this console cycle, though the extent and significance of that achievement is still uncertain. For "gamers," the Wii has been a reminder of the potential scope/wide-reach of our hobby-a sign that our girlfriends and wives and mothers and grandparents don't have to prejudicially oppose gaming. Sadly, it has also been a system bereft of games that appeal to us, the discerning audience, the aficionados. We scrutinize weekly sales charts on message boards, seeking evidence that "real games" will outperform "shovelware" and that "hardcore" titles will vanquish "casual" ones. We take rooting interests in the more powerful systems, though history tells us they will not catch the Wii and that the battle for second is likely decided as well.

But that's no fun to think about. More compelling is the potential (imaginary or not) for radical change in the console race, the quick ascendancy of one to the hardcore systems. This article examines a few unlikely ideas that might impact (read: not win) the console war.

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