Kojima's New Game? "Mask"

A new Teaser is up in Kojima Productions Website called "Mask" hit the jump and check it out.


The "Mask" appears on the Kojima Productions logo on the Next page.

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Forrest Gump3339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )

I'd love to experience this new game on the Playstation 3.

MisterNiwa3339d ago

":O" is the right expression.

I bet this is the new game Kojima is working on, besides Metal Gear.
Maybe it has something to do with Lords Of Shadows? Nah, ill guess not.

sonarus3339d ago

Its already confirmed to be a game in MGS universe so WTF is mask. Kojima doesn't make every konami game

MisterNiwa3339d ago
This is the full mask.

Jeez, what the hell, this E3 is going to be so f*cked up.


You need a mask to hide your face because people will kick your ass , the people like us whom you maid crazy by your games!

FamilyGuy3339d ago

if this game turned out to be a new ip. "Why?" you ask?

What would be the point of hinting at something that is impossible to guess? The point of hints is so that someone has a chance of guessing what it is you're hinting at.

George Sears3339d ago

You're right but it seems this is a new game from Kojima Productions. So quite sure he must be involved in this project as well since it's his own division from Konami and all.

rockleex3339d ago

Its from Kojima Productions.

But I remember MGS3 had a part where Snake fell asleep and you get to play his nightmare. There were undead/zombies chasing you and you had to hack and slash your way through.

I also remember Kojima saying he wanted to create a zombie horror game.

Remember how he created the stealth genre by modifying action games? Imagine what he could do if he modified zombie/horror games!?! O_O

Some crazy psycho mantis type sh*t!!!

GameGambits3339d ago

I love the music that plays on that page! :D

rockleex3339d ago

And a barcode.

Not to mention, his eyes look more feminine... especially the way his eyebrows look.

Moo7a-Seven3339d ago

The Silent Hill Killer..?

3339d ago
DominusRebellis3339d ago


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- Ghost of Sparta -3339d ago

Uh how many games is he working on?

dude_uk3339d ago

i think this is another sony exclusive

who knows

pwnsause3339d ago

uh guys, the "Next" site just got updated as well, you should check it out, the storm got stronger than ever, and it has that mask as well, not to mention the Ninja(Raiden?) pops up.

dude_uk3339d ago

a friend photoshoped this..

Razmossis3339d ago

As I said in another post

"There really isn't too much figuring out that this is a woman, long slender nose, wearing eye shadow, manicured eyebrows.

Then there are the extremely obvious 'Bullet Holes' (or bolts and barcode, which Raiden doesn't have) in her forehead from when Solidus shot her (Dead has never meant dead in Metal Gear, Gray Fox, Dr.Madnar, Vamp, Big Boss twice)... plus she has already been a Ninja before."

Also the teaser site has been updated with a "C" an "O" or "0", and a "6"

qface643339d ago

olga? seriously her?

i always remembered her getting stepped on by ray
i know rex stepped on gray but didn't the same happen to olga?

pwnsause3339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )

olga was never shown getting stepped on by ray, she just got headshotted by Solidus.

EDIT:poopmonster,(MGS2 SPOLILERS!!!) Olga died while appearing in front of Raiden who was fighting against hordes of Mass produced Metal Gear Rays. She couldnt allow Raiden to die because if he died, then Sunny would die since the patriots have her. When she appeared, Solidus realized that she was the mystery ninja and was sabotaging his plans, then he appeared, grabbed olga with his Tentacles, then shot her in the face.

poopmonster3339d ago

sounds reasonable Raz....tho I don't remember how Olga died. I thought Snake killed her.

But what does CO6 have to do with anything exactly? How's that releated to Olga?

Still I'm putting my money on it being Raiden's son. But at this point it's all speculation and who really cares in the end? The game is gonna rock no matter who the person is. Plus I'm more excited about Big Boss since MGS3 is by far my favorite.

Blackmoses3339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )

Olga wasn't all that much of a pretty girl. remember her hairy arm pits....."classic moment by the way".

This picture , I believe it's Sunny. The weather effect patterns coincided with her name.... Rain to Sun vs Sunny.
Then you have the well manicured eyebrows.....definitely feminine.
Same color eyes and hair as Sunny.

I'm just trying to figure out how this whole mask thing come into play.... dud_uk has a photoshoped image he posted. There is something to that I think....

ps....yes Snake did fight her. I remember they fought and she kept hiding behind a tarp and some crates. You had to shot the strings of the tarp so she couldn't hide. But you shot her with a Tranq Gun though. Don't remember who actually killed her.

Razmossis3339d ago

No, I was just mentioning that C,0,6 had been updated also, I wasn't refering to Olga there xD

Olga was shot in the head by Solidus and that was the last of her, the reason I think that it could be Olga is because of the Bolts and Barcode on her forehead, suggesting that her forehead has been fixed or replaced.

Raidens son has blue eyes so its definitely not him, and its hardly Sunny either. Its just NOT going to be after MGS4, theres nowhere to go after there.

Then again I could be totally wrong, it could actually be a Cyborg version of The Boss recovered after Naked Snake killed her (afterall she is definitely something worthy of recovering). It would fit better timeline wise, along side Big Boss... and it would also explain the inclusion of a Bandana, and maybe she's using it as an eyepatch because maybe that's where Naked Snake shot her?

This is fun

qface643339d ago

why would it be sunny though?
no matter what plot twist you add no matter how much you would be able to explain it
really now it would just be rediculous if it was sunny

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taco_tom2373339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )

kojima is a god!!!

that was a quick disagree lol

koehler833339d ago

Mask is likely just the page tag.. not the name.

silverchode3339d ago

i agree but have no idea what it says, anyone here have a clue?

Liquid_Ocelot3339d ago

my God! this is GREAT lol idk about u guys but we should make a team or somethin to try to finish this "puzzle?" =P

feel free to add me: (PSN) ya_bOY_HotRod

phosphor1123339d ago

Not morse, no matter how hard I tried to figure out what were gaps and what weren't, I couldn't get anything near any english.

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