Eurogamer: Terminator Salvation Review

Eurogamer writes: "Were your movements less plodding, the weapons a bit meatier, the enemies even basically tactical, the story and dialogue more than perfunctory, the environments remotely imaginative, or the co-operative mode online-enabled, Terminator Salvation would still be far too rough around the edges, far too short, and far too cynical to withstand much critical inspection, but as it is, it's rubbish on virtually every count. The film is surprisingly not-awful, so I suggest you wait a week and go and see that instead, and I really hope GRIN stops signing on for these wearisome contract jobs, because while they probably pay the bills, they also undo a lot of the goodwill established by games like the flawed-but-ambitious Bionic Commando. One point for the load screen, and one point for not exploding my PlayStation 3, although I may burn it down anyway just to be on the safe side".

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