Nintendo Power - review scores

Complete list of review scores in the newest Nintendo Power.

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Xander-RKoS3368d ago

Tiger woods aside (because of motion plus controls which was the entire game) who's leg at NP do you have break to get a 9 for a game? Sheesh. Oh well, every game I wanted for a 7.5 or higher.

ChickeyCantor3368d ago

And people say Nintendo Power is bias....
Looks like it isn't easy to get the Triple A score.

But Ratings are overrated.

Seferoth753368d ago

Yeah NP is so bias they were harsher on Punch Out than many other gaming sites.

FinalomegaS3368d ago

I remember saying the same thing, they aren't as nice as people thought with those review scores. This aint Famitsu and their 9s or 10s.

tiamat53368d ago

But notice all the Nintendo games got an 8 unlike all the other games

Seferoth753368d ago

That is like saying "But notice the sky is blue."
Seriously that wasnt a very valid point. If you look at Metacritic you'll notice that most companies give Nintendo games a higher rating than most other games on Nintendo platforms. that is what happens when you are devloping games for a system in advance and not jumping on board after launch and trying to play catch up.Not to mention Nitnendo put their big franchises on Wii. Most other companies are using their D team and putting out games that do not match the same standards as Nintendo.

desolationstorm3368d ago (Edited 3368d ago )

Oh June seems like your gonna be a nice month for wii owners. With PunchOut and BoomBloxs in may then conduit, tiger and grandslam tennis in june. Kinda nice, though I wouldnt normally have interest in tiger but with motion + Ill give it a try.

Also who remembers the fake NP score for Conduit last month haha