The 10 People We Hope Will STFU at This Year's E3

Will these people ever STFU? How about at this year's E3, at least? Scott Jones wishes they would.

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pwnsause3399d ago

this list became stupid and invalid when they put the following people:

-Hideo Kojima

-The Guys at Media Molecule

-David Cage

Please Crispy Gamer, why don't you STFU for a while.

UltimateIdiot9113399d ago

They also fail for not including Cliffy B though I don't know if he is going to be at E3.

qface643399d ago

i didn't care about anyone on the list except cammie please shut her up for good =]

ThatCanadianGuy3399d ago


They add a gaming God like Kojima to their "STFU" list..Yet leave out the biggest mouth in the industry CliffyB

Terrible list from a terrible site.


There needs to be Aaron Greenberg. He talks so much crap that he could overflow the toilets of Porkland Oregon.