GamePro: The 7 Best Upcoming Xbox 360 Exclusives

GamePro writes:

"Although we're seeing less and less of them in this generation of games as more big titles are getting multi-platform releases, console exclusives, whether it's Mario for Nintendo, Halo for Microsoft, or God of War for Sony, are what distinguish gaming platforms from each other. What's the point of having three separate gaming systems if they all play the same games? Last week, we talked about upcoming PS3 exclusives we're excited to play, and now it's time to move onto what the Xbox 360 has to offer in terms of games you won't find on its competitive consoles."

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qface643403d ago

you know in all honesty its not much of a list at all
they should have waited until after e3 to make a list

3403d ago
chaosatom3403d ago

of any of these games.

Alan Wake is the only new IP they have, which is not much.

aldesko3403d ago

My most anticipated from the list are Alan Wake, Crackdown 2, and Mass Effect 2... although all these games will be great.

But my fantasy post-E3 list would include a Conker game.

Raf1k13403d ago (Edited 3403d ago )

Shbzshar has a point there.

People go nuts for anything with the Halo title.

(how'd this get here? was referring to his reply to 3)
(oops, i guess i hit the wrong reply )

s8anicslayer3403d ago

I agree,not really much of a list, and the main focus again is around a Halo game, which is getting stale already. I would like to see more of a mass effect focus and some more infi on alan wake

Mu5afir3403d ago

Crackdown 2 and Gears of War 3 have not been announced.

gintoki7773402d ago (Edited 3402d ago )

there's 7 of them wtf

PS3istheshit3402d ago

some arent even comfirmed or might come in 2011 (if the 360's still alive)
ps3 games for 2009 are ridculously big
jus the 2010 games beat the 360's let alone this year
wow i actually truely feel bad for the 360 gamers
they hav no good games
its all hardcore games that r sequels
id rather rent ratchet and clank then have all those 360 games
im so glad i bought a PS3
the best system out

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Cajun Chicken3403d ago

Crackdown 2 this year. CRACK DOWN TWO NOW.

Eiffel3403d ago

Crackdown 2 is a title that needs to become reality.

Jaces3403d ago

I'm confused about all this hype with Halo: ODST, seeing how it's only a 3-4 hour campaign...just really doesn't do it for me.

Now on the other hand, if it was a full, actual game rather than an expansion/add-on, then I'd be more than happy to accept this new addition.

Aside from that, the list looks great.

SaberEdge3403d ago

Halo ODST is going to be freaking great, just wait and see. I don't care if isn't as long as most games, it is going to be an amazing experience. Short and sweet. Besides, it isn't going to be as short as you are saying and it isn't going to cost as much as a full game either. It really sounds like you are just trying to find an excuse to hate on it because you know it is a super successful franchise that millions of us love.

Jaces3403d ago

Well, I must've hit a nerve or something because opinions on here that don't favor one's game or system are automatically fanboyish.

Grow up.

I said why I don't see all the fuss over a short and "sweet" add-on. Jeeze it's like those morons who complain about not getting some DLC for Fallout 3, give me a bloody break. I'd rather have a whole new IP or at least full on game rather than some silly DLC.

And just for your information, I've played and beat and ENJOYED all 3 games from the Halo franchise. Nah...j/k, I've been to busy trying to boycott the Halo franchise with my fellow Sony droids, remember?

ShabzS3403d ago

its coz its Halo... normal rules dont apply here... a fallout dlc or gta dlc ?... who cares...

Halo odst is bungies last halo game its something to get exciting about for the halo fanatics...

Marojado3403d ago

I'm the same as Jace, Halo: ODST just doesn't appeal to me. Although i understand there are a lot of Halo fans (and i mean A LOT) but other than the first game I've never really enjoyed a Halo game. In my opinion, ODST is by no means the most promising title on that list although I imagine it does have a lot of people excited. Mass Effect 2 I'm looking forward to a lot, especially after the list of improvements they're putting in. Splinter Cell and Alan Wake are up there too.

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OGharryjoysticks3403d ago

"Although we're seeing less and less of them in this generation of games as more big titles are getting multi-platform releases,"

I think the more disturbing trend is the lack of IP's.

Does every game have to be part 2, 3, 4, or 5 now?

Publishers need to show some balls and try some new games, especially publishers that make consoles who can afford to give players the choice of playing the never ending repeat or something totally new.

40cal3403d ago

That's why I'm loving inFAMOUS right now and looking forward to Afrika, WCK, Demons Souls, Heavy Rain, MAG, and loved Uncharted among others.

But great games do deserve sequels. Modern Warfare 2, Uncharted 2, God of War 3, Assassins Creed 2 the next Metal Gear 5? Solid? WTF? are a few sequels I cant wait to get my hands on.

Halochampian3403d ago

well there have been a few new IP's on the 360 side also. Crackdown, Gears of War, Mass Effect, Ninja Blade, Too Human. Some were great. others were not for everyone but there have been many new IP's for all systems and some great new Multiplats like Prototype(looks to be good).

40cal3403d ago

Yo, my bad. I forgot that this was about 360 games when I typed that. For me Alan Wake is the new IP that the 360 needs.

Kind of cool how we can make the same point using so many different examples. New IPs are great and some games just need sequels.

Halochampian3403d ago

No problem dude. Yea, I dont know how I forgot Alan Wake. Then we also forgot LBP.

SpoonyRedMage3403d ago

Hey, don't forget the new JRPG IPs like Blue Dragon, Lost Odyssey and Infinite Undiscovery. I hope all three of them get sequels.

beans3403d ago

Don't forget dead rising, lost planet, left for dead, saint rows, halo wars, and community games, xbla games, software and services.

beans3403d ago

oops...I forgot kameo, condemned, and that war game rts third person by thq.

Marojado3403d ago (Edited 3403d ago )

Saw Lost Odyssey for a tenner the other day, brand new. Holding off til after my finals before i pick it up though, RPGs get the better of me and it definitely wouldn't do my degree any good.

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vegnadragon3403d ago

Some of those games weren't even announced. Why not put halo 7 while at it.

Halochampian3403d ago

Only one not announced is Crackdown 2.

which reminds me... APB should have been on that list.

locos853403d ago

Gears 3 isn't announced either. So thats 2 unannounced games.

Arnon3402d ago

Do you seriously think that they wont make a Gears of War 3?... Sure, it's not announced. But neither was God of War 3 for the longest-ass time but we knew it was coming.