PSi: inFamous Review

PSi writes: "It's been a long time coming, but the PS3 is finally starting to see its library fill out with blockbuster-caliber games. What inFAMOUS lacks in genre-pushing features, it makes up for with fun "just one more mission before I stop" gameplay".

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thebudgetgamer3366d ago

i will be playing this tonight when i get out of work.


3366d ago
thebudgetgamer3366d ago

dam rent.

:) the jealousy runs through my veins

MetalGearBear 3366d ago

if u want infamous really bad!!!
Buy PS3!!! LOL

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ElementX3366d ago

I just started the game and it's so f#$king amazing! Those 10 minutes I played the night I was wasted didn't do the game justice! :)

/runs back to PS3

Cajun Chicken3366d ago

I am SO looking forward to play it tomoz night.

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