GameSpy: Pre-E3 2009: Heavy Rain Hands-On

GameSpy writes: "Heavy Rain makes a powerful first impression with its beautiful, lifelike visuals. Yet for me, the lasting impression came from the development team's drive to present unique characters and emotional scenarios, a focus on storytelling that came to light during my demonstration. I was hesitant about Heavy Rain coming in, but I came away eager to see more".

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1111113335d ago

uhhh - thats whats totally wrong with this industry. How about we get some fun in the shape of deeper gameplay and new gaming ideas INSTEAD of "film scenarios" and ray traced graphics. I dont wanna play films nor "reality" i wanna play GAMES.

Chuk_Chuk3335d ago (Edited 3335d ago )

what wrong with taking a different approach. So it doesn't appeal to you i'm sure thier are people out their who will like it.

just read the article. and this looks really intresting. can't wait to play it.