Red Dead: Redemption – Pre E3 Special Report @ Gameplayer

Gameplayer has been given a chance to get in front of Red Dead: Redemption - the latest effort from Rockstar - before the E3 show and have detailed their thoughts on this western within. It comes with a bunch of new screenshots too.

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TheExecutive3400d ago

An open world Western game with all the bells and whistles of GTA IV? Count me in. It has to be much harder to create a well running game in an urban environment. The framerate suffered in GTA because of this. However, it still looked fantastic for an open world game. I expect Redemption to have a more stable framerate and look better overall.

Not only that but imo a Western themed game is much more exciting than an urban game. It just isnt done in gaming and should feel completely fresh. My 2nd most anticipated game of the year (Uncharted2 being first)

SlappingOysters3400d ago

It has been delayed until early next year