Konami Promises E3 Press Conference To Remember

Konami is promising an E3 press conference to remember boasting surprise guests and revolutionary announcements:

Featuring a variety of high-profile speakers for all major platforms, Konami's Press Conference will highlight games across all genres targeted towards players of all age groups and skill levels. Konami will feature groundbreaking announcements that you will truly not want to miss.

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DA_SHREDDER3364d ago

If its not the new Zone of the Enders then I dont care what Konami says.

SSJSubgeta3364d ago

I agree with you as a ZOE fan, We need one.

BlackIceJoe3364d ago

If Konami can give me a new Policenauts, Snatcher & Suikoden. I would be so happy and it would be one awesome E3 to remember.

rockleex3364d ago

Although Policenauts, Snatcher, and ZOE are more likely to be announced by Kojima Productions rather than Konami.

Anyways, they need to get Suikoden back to its Suikoden 2 roots! Suikoden 2 was the BEST Playstation 1 RPG! Even better than FF7! >:D

Dragun6193364d ago (Edited 3364d ago )

Honestly, For some reason I have a feeling that they might announce the new MGS game multiplatform because it says surprise guest and revolutionary announcements.

Imagine, Kojima is about to announce his new game, then all of a sudden, Steve Ballmer comes out and The MGS game becomes Multiplatform. Like Last year E3, #1 thing I remember is FF13 going multiplatform.

Though I hope I'm wrong, and they announce like the Integration of the Konami's Shop/ID with PSN along with MGS4 trophies. Then have two new MGS games one on PSP and PS3 and have them connect or somethin. Either that, or announce a whole slew of games such as a new Suikoden and Zone of The Enders 3

silverchode3364d ago

microsoft will show nothing new then
announce mgs multiplatform. <--- this could happen.

ExcelKnight3364d ago

A Suikoden game that goes back to the original series (Tierkreis was a joke story-wise) would be greatly appreciated and pretty unexpected at this point.

Make it happen, Konami.

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iMad3364d ago

MGS series goes to XBOX. Only that can make a revolution.

Obama3364d ago

Let's see if it's snatcher or Suikoden 6. I hope it's suikoden 6.

ExcelKnight3364d ago

I can get behind Suikoden VI.

gamesblow3364d ago

If anything, please remember PS3 fans... This game is not multiplatform. Don't worry. Xbox 360 only owners... worry or buy a Ps3.

I can't wait til this is all behind us and it can be talked about. If I was like I use to be I'd have spent the entire bank and spilled everything I know about the game.

Trust me... It's not for the xbox 360. And it's not 100% completley new IP, either. It is a revolution of sorts, too. The game starts with a "C" but has a subtitle that starts with "S"

That is all I'm gong to say. No more. See you on my website and during E-3.

Obama3364d ago

Don't tell me it's castlevania!!! :D

artgamer3364d ago

Castlevania: Sins of the Father ?

hardmetal3364d ago (Edited 3364d ago )

Is it Castlevania : Sign of the last age ? I thought this one was coming to PS3 & Xbox 360 ?