G4TV: Mini Ninjas Impressions

G4TV writes: "One of the easiest ways to irritate a bunch of game journalists is to make them sit through a presentation for a kiddie game. Unless, of course, that kiddie game is so funny and/or old school fun-looking that it might make said game journalists wish they had a kid of their own to play it with. Which is what happened when, at an event in Los Angeles a few weeks ago, Eidos and Warner Brothers Interactive showed off Mini Ninjas, a quirky action game from IO Interactive (a.k.a. the Hitman and Kane & Lynch people).

A third-person action game, Mini Ninjas cast you as a bunch of junior warriors who must save the world from an evil (and magical) samurai. Which, as you'd expect, involves a lot of hackin' and a slashin' with your katana."

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