120° to Show Microsoft E3 Briefing

GOONL!NE: This just went to Deathcon 5. is promising to show the Microsoft E3 briefing when it kicks off on Monday.

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Zhuk3400d ago

This is great news for Xbox 360 enthusiasts everywhere as we will be able to receive all the important communiques from Xbox 360 High Command through an official and secure channel.

bomboclaat_gamer3399d ago

the irony. telling someone to get a life when ur trolling. got nothing better to do? get a life

k jules3399d ago

so what time is that in GMT?

sack_boi3399d ago (Edited 3399d ago )

UTC/GMT -7 hours

So basically, the show will start at 5PM GMT

You're right, but because of "daylight savings" it's -7 hours till Autumn.

Omega43399d ago

I thought you added 8 hours so it would be 6pm

Also the article says 6:30pm BST

Tito Jackson3399d ago

Its 11AM GMT(General Mountain Time, people)

Why Dis 73399d ago (Edited 3399d ago )

I just found out from my inside sources at Sony that the Ps3 has a failure rate of 90% but $ony have paid everyone in the games industry a large some of money to stay quiet.

sack_boi3399d ago

Wannabe "Why Dis", how pathetic and uninspiring must you life be, for you to attempt to impersonate another N4G member?
Get a life dude. A real one.

Tito Jackson3399d ago

of all the keynotes?

if not, then this will have to do.

mynd3399d ago


It's Defcon= Defense Condition.

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