Global PC software, hardware sales hit $68 billion in 2008 - Study

According to the PCGA's 2008 Horizon's Report, PC gaming software saw global revenues reach $12.7 billion in 2008, a year-over-year rise of $1.9 billion, or nearly 18 percent. Overall, the study found that the PC software and hardware market stood at $68 billion in 2008, with the PCGA saying that number is expected to balloon to $143 billion by 2013.

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Pandamobile3281d ago

And people think PC gaming is dying.

Shows you how stupid some people are.

-MoOkS-3281d ago

PC gaming is dieing. Most pc gamers download game torrents instead of buying from retail.

Also people need high end cpu's and gpu's for graphic design and video editing etc, the people buying them arent all gamers, so take that into account.

Overall, consoles are killing PC when it comes to game quality and sales

Pandamobile3280d ago

The reason PC games get killed in retail sales is because we use digital distribution..

I haven't gone to EB Games and purchased a game in over 2 years.

Why leave your house when you can get it off Steam or D2D.

And what do you mean "quality"? Have you ever seen a PC exclusive? Have you ever seen a multiplatform game on a PC? Looks a hell of a lot better than anything a console can do.

Learn your stuff before posting.

3280d ago