Tekken 6 Gets Release Window

Gameplayer has received word from Atari that a release window has been set for Tekken 6. They received a release scheulde from the company, which is now part of Tekken maker Namco Bandai.

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Green Lantern23404d ago

Awesome i can't wait to kick some ass on xbl.

qface643404d ago

screw xbl screw the game look at the picture lol it drew my attention XD

no seriously though for a sec i thought it was in game screen shot i was about to say DAMN!!!

Doppy3403d ago

TO bad the game doesn't look like the picture for this article that looks good. (wink wink)

SlappingOysters3404d ago

It very well could have been, but the boobs aren't big enough

Green Lantern23404d ago

lol their a create a character mode so their might be a chance for some over top DDs

spunnups3403d ago

Let's see some gameplay I can get excited. So far, I've seen a lot of meh.

skip2mylou3403d ago

wow i was only interested in that pic on the article :D

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