Ubisoft hints at publishing No More Heroes 2

Joystiq writes:
"The above video is from an Ubisoft teaser video for some E3 coverage they'll be ... you know what? We'll tell you about that another time, stay focused. As you can see in the screen, the female staffer has a helpful Post-it note stuck to her foot that includes the acronym NMH2 as in ... No More Heroes 2."

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qface643192d ago

awww man =[ that means were gonna get the crappy 3 page black and white booklet while japan gets an amazing 20 page comic *sigh*

knox3192d ago

i'd rather have xseed as the publisher :\

Product3192d ago

so would I, so would I

Mindboggle3191d ago

They published the first one in North America...Whats the big deal ??