New PS3 firmware on June 4?

We are all closer to the E3 and feel, there is a certain atmosphere in the air that is noticeable throughout the game industry.

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qface643406d ago

updates are always welcome but seriously with all these installs and constant updates im seriously running out of space i have 4 gigs left D;

Raoh3406d ago

i was running out of space in my early days of my ps3.. but i delete my game installs for games i dont play anymore.

last weekend i installed the bionic commando game data.. after i was done,... i deleted it (not the game save just the game install)..

qface643406d ago

id be able to get lots of precious space back if my brother didn't insist on keeping home no offense but that piece of junk is a waste of space as it is now and they take allot of it away D;

Cajun Chicken3406d ago

The main problem with Home is how much space it actually reserves on the PS3, the main app and downloaded areas don't even come up to that much in total. Why the data reservation that steals most the HDD?

ThanatosDMC3406d ago

Buy a 320gb notebook hard drive at Microcenter for $59.99. Yeah, it's one of those not so famous brands but they're reliable. Dont order online since they jack up the price for another $10.

It sucks if you dont have a Microcenter close by though. Good luck. But yes, delete old Game Data or delete all those naughty vids or illegal vids you have on your PS3... well, at least mine has those... hehehehe

SL1M DADDY3406d ago

What are you guys thinking?

You can get massive hard drives for dirt cheap these days. Not to mention, if you run Tversity or PlayOn, you can virtually store all your movie and music on you PC and stream all that stuff. The only thing you need on your PS3 HDD is game data and games themselves.

I installed PlayOn on my PC and now watch all my Netflix movies on my PS3 and Tversity allows me to play all my iTunes and other music along with any videos I have ripped to my 1TB network drive. There are so many options with the PS3 and its expansibility that your choices are nearly endless.

Hellsvacancy3406d ago

Or buy this 1

I got my 500gig Hdd at a carboot sale 4 40quid it was a steal - although once installed on my Ps3 i lost about 30 gigs of it 4 sum reason and that was b4 i installed Home and me game data

Cajun Chicken3406d ago (Edited 3406d ago )

I've been planning of buying a new harddrive the last few weeks, my recent Maplin's store seems to have pretty good deals on HDDS if I've done my research correctly, but Home does take over a lot of space which it actually doesn't use...which is odd.
I'm planning of going up to 250GB, I mean, a 60Gigger did me pretty good from buying retail about 2 years ago now, I don't see myself filling that up too fast, especially with the lack of large installs these days.

And just to check, just a SATA HDD, right?

callahan093406d ago

@ Cajun Chicken, I think it's for temporary storage of streaming media while in Home. For instance, the video screens in most of the areas. The stream is downloaded to your hard drive so that it can play without staggering. I'm sure there's other factors involved too. Not really sure, I'm not an engineer on Home, but there must be some reasons for it.

s8anicslayer3406d ago

Yes indeed! I used my stock60 gig and now have only about 50 gigs in my 250, Sony needs tofind a way to better manage storage so we don't eat up our Hard-Drive space.

Saigon3405d ago

I can't wait for this update...just want to use the new application...I wonder what else will be available in the update...

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jamesrocks31473406d ago

in game chat or in game lobby? desperately needed features on the playstation network

SL1M DADDY3405d ago

That's odd, I have been playing games on the PSN for years now and have not found those issues to be desperately needed...

Solbadguy3406d ago (Edited 3406d ago )

I don't mind these updates. The small ones take very little time and the big ones are worth the wait when they give you new features. All the updates in 2009 have been quick and painless on my 5mbps connection.

Just in time for the Uncharted 2 beta. Watch all the post about how someone was going to play the beta and then update shows up. :P

Cajun Chicken3406d ago

Backwards Compatibility, wouldn't that be a shocker?

TheBand1t3406d ago

Nothing shocks me anymore this gen.

jessehaysfl3406d ago

Im pretty sure they already "trojan horsed" us, like they did last year. remember the update a few weeks ago?

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