PlayStation Home: The Homerun - 28th May 09; Buzz space and the fish are back writes: "It's Thursday, and it's time for another Homerun, the weekly run-through of whats happening in and around the world of PlayStation Home. There are a few good things to talk about so let's go straight into it, OK?

SCEE has launched a new blog (hoorah!) and one of their opening blog posts announced a brand new game space. Last week we saw the arrival of the Resistance 2 space with its amazing mini-game. This time around we hear about Buzz! getting its own Home reincarnation."

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Vip3r3407d ago

Is the buzz space up?

whoelse3407d ago

All they have said is that it's coming soon. Maybe next week, would be nice.

xwabbit3406d ago

Does any 1 know if E3 will be broadcast at home ?

Darkshader3407d ago

awesome! i checkout my clubhouse and they even put a TV already. i just dont know how to upload movie or pictures yet. SONY has not open that option yet. Maybe i'm wrong.

njd823407d ago

What tipped you off? The bloody great screen they've erected in a brand new space that was opened up over a week ago called "The Presentation Podium"?

You're certainly the detectives of gaming journalism!

I'm in f**king really.

whoelse3407d ago (Edited 3407d ago )

What's up with you?

Not everyone has the time to check out what's new in Home every week.

NinlenBox3407d ago

so i visited home the day it launched was there for some hrs and never used it again. lol. then like 2 weeks ago i was really bored and decided to go home. and 4 HOURS LATER passed. and i was still there. i dont understand. lol. i was like where the time go, what the hell was i doing. once u go in there its hard not to find urself wasting time. a lot of time. and i had fun so i cant complain. lol.

darthv723407d ago

home needs rides and whatnot. Carnival games where you win stuffed animals. It would be cool to have a theme park space to ride roller coasters or bumper cars.